Views From The Turnbuckle: 2013 Wrestling Award Show Spectacular

Honorable Mention: Roderick Strong, Tomohiro Ishii, Samoa Joe, Sami Callihan, Kevin Steen

Best Power Wrestler: Michael Elgin

Power wrestling has long been WWE's calling card, but no power wrestler in WWE could top Michael Elgin in 2013. Elgin, while devastating opponents with his Elgin Bomb or holding them up for a solid minute in vertical suplexes, Elgin has torn up the independent circuit in 2013. The burly Canadian has been a beast for both ROH and PWG, and is likely the best candidate for being the next ROH World Champion. At 26, Elgin certainly has a bright future in front of him, likely involving a stay in Stamford.

Honorable Mention: Mark Henry, Takeshi Morishima, Brian Cage, Kane

Best High-Flyer: Kota Ibushi

I will have to admit, Kota Ibushi is my favorite wrestler in the world right now, so I might be a little bit biased. However, Ibushi has won the "Best Flying Wrestler" award from the Observer 3 of the last 4 years, so it isn't an exaggeration to give Ibushi this award. Ibushi may not be as overly athletic or as spectacular as guys like Ricochet or Rich Swann, but he is the best at utilizing his aerial abilities within the context of a match. Ibushi has had two match of the year candidates, against Shinsuke Nakamura in the G1 Climax, and another against Okada at a show for the Dramatic Dream Team promotion. Now working with a full-time contract with New Japan, Ibushi has teased making a full-fledged jump to the heavyweight division, but for now seems content to wrestle in the junior heavyweight division.

Honorable Mention: Rich Swann, Masato Yoshino, ACH, Ricochet, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, AR Fox

Most Charismatic: Daniel Bryan

Bryan is a rare talent in wrestling, able to capture both the best technical wrestling award AND the most charismatic award. Bryan has gotten over with wrestling fans more than any other wrestler on the planet in 2013, and WWE may have not had this much universal support for a wrestler since Steve Austin. Bryan has rocked it in and outside of the ring, and he is almost guaranteed the biggest pop of the night every single event he is at. If you haven't been to a WWE show with Daniel Bryan in it, than you really ought to go, because you can never fully understand just how great Bryan is until you are a part in the sea of YES! chants. So much for being a vanilla midget.

Honorable Mention: Kazuchika Okada, Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries, ACH, Jay Briscoe, CM Punk

Best Heel: Prince Devitt

It wasn't a great year for heels, as two of the world's best; CM Punk and Kevin Steen, turned face during 2013. Prince Devitt, with the formation of the all-gaijin Bullet Club, has really upped his game as a straight heel. Devitt, dubbing himself the "Real Rock'n Rolla" has been vying for the top heel slot in New Japan, and few would doubt that he isn't capable of doing so. Devitt has backed up his brash talk and attitude with big victories over Okada, Satoshi Kojima and other former IWGP World Champions. Devitt also worked a long and successful feud with New Japan's top babyface, Hiroshi Tanahashi, culminating in Luberjack Deathmatch in September. Devitt has since moved onto defending his IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, a title he has held since November of 2012, against Kota Ibushi, while also looking like a viable world title contender for 2014.

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