TNA Impact Results With Video: Top Star Quits, Dixie's 'Big' Announcement, Big Tag Team Match

Dixie tries to make her announcement, but Gunner interrupts her again and says that she should tell Magnus that whenever he comes back, Gunner is back. Dixie tries to speak again but this time James Storm comes out. He apologizes and says that he hears Gunner talking about things that he can't get. He says that gunner owes him. gunner denies it, but Storm says that Gunner shouldn't interfere with his match against Bobby Roode, but gunner did anyways and threw in the towel. Gunner says that Storm was about to be slammed onto barbed wire, and that he was looking out for a friend. Storm says that he was jumped in a bar by Roode.

Storm questions how Roode knew where Storm was that night, and he thinks Gunner "stooged" him off. Gunner denies it, but Storm says he wants a match right here, for his briefcase. Dixie tells the people at home to text their friends, because that match is going to happen tonight. Dixie says that she is now NOT ready to tell everyone about her announcement and she leaves the ring.

We come back from commercial and gunner and James Storm are ready to go.

Feast or Fired Briefcase on the line: Gunner vs James Storm

They lock up and Storm gets a headlock in. Gunner pushes him off and they square up again. Gunner gets the headlock in and then hits a shoulder knockdown for a one count. Storm gets a side-headlock takedown, and Gunner fights out and connects with an elbow for another one count. Storm gets a boot up and then a neckbreaker for a two count. Gunner nails him with some forearms, and dumps Storm to the apron. Storm hits an enzughiri and then an axe handle for a two count.

Gunner muscles him into the corner, and both men trade chops. Gunner scores with a few more chops, but Storm fights out and hits a snapmare and then drops a knee for a two count. Gunner fights out with a headbutt and hits a vertical suplex. Gunner locks in a rear chinlock, and Storm fights up. Gunner pushes him into the corner and beats Storm down. Storm punches back and they trade blows in the center of the ring. Gunner gets the advantage and then sloppily spears Storm out of the ring.

Storm gets up first and throws his head into the post. The bell rings, and apparently we had a count out while they were both out of the ring.

Non-Contest-Double Count-out

After the match, both men brawl all the way up the ramp and through the entrance.

Brooke is shown in the back talking to Bully. She is saying that she has been trying to contact him, and she hasn't heard back. Bully doesn't say anything, and Brooke says she is going to go out there and air all of his dirty laundry. Bully calls her back and whispers that that wouldn't be a good idea. Brooke gives him a look and then leaves.

We get a video of the rise of Magnus. Magnus says that people who talk about him as a young punk who hasn't paid his dues is ridiculous. Magnus talks about his five years in the company, and actually touches on some shoot stuff about his bad gimmicks starting out. He says that he was labeled as the next big thing, meaning that "he is going to be good, but not right now because I am not ready to hang them up, Brother."

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