TNA Impact Results With Video: Top Star Quits, Dixie's 'Big' Announcement, Big Tag Team Match

They leave the ring and start tossing in a garbage can full of weapons. The can hits Park right in the face. They continue to beat Park down with the crutch. Daniels has a trash can lid and nails Park with it. Daniels chokes him with tape, while Kaz is about to unload a chair shot onto him. Daniels stops him and tells him they don't want him to bleed.

Park comes back into it with a clothesline and a hip-toss. Park grabs a kendo stick and looks like he is going to use it, but Kaz hits him with a trash can. Bad Influence gets the advantage again and toss him out of the ring. They throw him into the stairs and continue the beatdown on the outside. They roll him back into the ring and throw him into the corner. Daniels goes for a clothesline, but Park back body drops him out of the ring. Park ducks a tackle by Kaz, and Kaz hits a chair set up in the turnbuckle instead.

Park puts a trash can lid on KAz and hits a splash. He locks Kaz in the Boston crab, but Daniels breaks it up with a crutch. They reassert their control, and Kaz gets Janice. Park rolls to the outside and begins to crawl to the ramp. Young comes out and tries to pump Park up. Park says he needs Young's help. EY is about to punch him in the face, but Kaz and Daniels make the save. They start to beat down Young and toss him in the ring.

All the men are in the ring now and Kaz tries to hit EY with a Singapore cane, but Park pushes him out of the way and gets hit with the cane. They dump EY to the outside, and Park is busted open. Park notices he is bleeding, and starts to turn into Abyss. Abyss no-sells a chair shot and takes control. He hits Kaz with a kendo stick and hits shock treatment. He hits the black hole slam on Daniels and gets the three count.

Winner: Joseph Park/Abyss

After the match Abyss celebrates. He goes to the corner and grabs Janice while EY celebrates with him. We go to Hardy in the back talking on the phone. He says that this is something he knows he just has to do and hangs up.

WE get another video of Magnus. This time he talks about the BFG Series, and how he led the tournament until the end, when AJ Styles beat him. Magnus says that loss drove him to never feel so close to the top again and come up short. He talks about beating Sting, and he says that he doesn't need Sting to get him to where he needs to be, he knows who he needs to get him to where he needs to be.

Lei'd Tapa is out for her match against ODB. Gail Kim is out with her and says that last week, her former BFF, Madison Rayn, humiliated her. She asks Tapa how that happens, and she says it is a fluke. Kim says that ODB stuck her nose into her business, and when you do that, it becomes Tapa's business. ODB than comes out.

ODB vs Lei'd Tapa

They start off trading punches to the chest and Tapa gets the advantage. She misses a splash in the corner, and ODB pounds her down in the corner. ODB hits the ropes, but cannot move Taoa. Tapa catches her with a goozle, but ODB slips out and tries for a scoop slam, but she can't get Tapa up.

Tapa continues to beat down ODB and tosses her but the hair in the ring. She takes out her headband and chokes ODB with it. She chokes ODB in the ropes and goes for a splash mountain bomb, but ODB slips out. ODB hits a few running splashes, but Tapa gets her boot up and takes her down. Tapa climbs to the middle rope and goes for a leg-drop, but ODB gets out of the way. ODB fights back with some chops and tries to take her down with some shoulder blocks and then a dropkick. She whips her into the corner and hits a splash. Kim throws her title into the ring, and the ref tosses the belt out. While the ref is distracted, Kim trips ODB, and Tapa comes back and hits the over-the-shoulder jawbreaker for the three count.

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