TNA Impact Results With Video: Top Star Quits, Dixie's 'Big' Announcement, Big Tag Team Match

TNA Impact Results With Video: Top Star Quits, Dixie's 'Big' Announcement, Big Tag Team Match

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Impact opens with a recap of last week's world title match. We show Magnus aligning with Dixie Carter and being screwed out of the world title.

Impact is taped coming from the Impact Zone. Rockstar Spud comes out to some really meek trumpet music. Spud marches down to the ring and grabs a mic. Spud calls everyone his lords and ladies. He says that it is his pleasure to introduce the woman who is responsible for all of this. Spud calls her a mix of Lady GaGa, Santa Claus and Queen Elizabeth, and introduces Dixie Carter.

Dixie comes down and thanks Spud. Dixie says that Magnus has been crowned champion. She says that the right man, the deserving man won. She says that they all look up to Magnus as a role model, but more importantly, all of the wrestlers in her company look up to Magnus as a role model. She calls him the top man in Dixie land. Dixie says that Magnus has a big announcement, and she is about to say what it is, but Hardy's music interrupts her.

Hardy comes down to the ring, limping noticeably. He grabs a mic and Dixie asks what he is doing. She calls him a loser, but Hardy says he doesn't care about her champion, the creatures know who he is. He says that he is out here to get something very important off of his chest. Spud interrupts him and says that this is Dixie Carter, and he is way out of line. Jeff keeps trying to say something, but Spud keeps cutting him off. Spud says that as the head of talent, he wants him to take all of his little creatures and to stick them up his back side. Hardy grabs Spud and says that this will only take a minute.

EC3 comes in and takes out Hardy and tosses him out of the ring. Dixie gets the microphone and is about to make her announcement, but Sting comes out. Sting says that he has an announcement, and that is he is sick of all these entitled punks around her thinking they can do whatever they want without suffering the consequences. He says that he is not leaving the ring until he gets what he wants, and that is too kick the crap out of EC3. Sting says that we should have a tag match, EC3 and Spud against Hardy and Sting.

Carter says that she doesn't care what he wants, but she should care what the people want, and they want to see the match. Dixie tells Sting to not tell her what the fans want. She says that we are going to have a main event, a tag match. Dixie's music plays while Dixie asks them to cut her music, but the music keeps playing and we go to commercials.

We come back and Dixie is still in the ring. She says that she is proud to announce something very important for the company. Gunner's music plays and he has his briefcase with his feast or fired world championship shot. He gets in the ring and says that he knows what she thinks she has to say is important, but what he has to say is more important. He says that he has a world title shot, and they know he is a man with little patience, and he wants Magnus to come out now and he wants his title shot. Dixie says that Magnus is across the pond celebrating, so he will have to take a rain check.

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