Thanks to reader Billy Donahue for sending in these results from tonight's WWE live event in Chicago, IL:

* Dolph Ziggler came out to a huge pop to open the show. Ryback came out to a lot of heat and "Goldberg" chants. Ziggler defeats Ryback in a fairly even match.

* Natalya defeated Divas Champion AJ Lee via submission with a Sharpshooter in a non-title match after AJ accidentally took out Tamina. AJ and Tamina took the belt and ran to the back.

There was a Miz TV segment with Kofi Kingston. They started to argue, and Vickie Guerrero came out. Vickie was booed for so long and so it was repeated several times that The Miz and Kofi would team against The Prime Time Players.

* The Prime Time Players defeated The Miz & Kofi Kingston. As expected, Kofi and Miz were a dysfunctional unit.

* Wade Barrett defeated Tyson Kidd with the elbow after a batck and forth match. Both men got fairly decent pops.

* Daniel Bryan & The Usos faced The Wyatts in a steel cage. One of the Usos escaped the cage first. Bray then walked out of the cage after a three on two beat down. Rowan then left the cage at the same time as the other Uso. Daniel Bryan then hit Luke Harper with a flying knee and then won the match by hopping over the cage.

* Big E Langston defeated Damien Sandow and R-Truth to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Truth and Sandow got huge pops. When R-Truth was down, Langston hit the book end on Sandow to get the win.

* There was a fans poll for the next match between Fandango and Mark Henry: A dance off or a match. The dance off wins, which got huge boos. Fandango dances first to boos and there is a big "Summer Rae" chant. Mark Henry then put on a glove and danced to Billie Jean but was then attacked by Fandango. The match starts and Henry squashed him.

* CM Punk vs. The Shield in a handicap match was the main event. Punk got a huge pop, the biggest of the night. The Shield dominated the match for awhile before Punk took out Seth Rollins and Romain Reigns. Punk then hit Dean Ambrose with the GTS to get the pinfall victory. Punk had Chicago Blackhawks tights on and there was a huge "Blackhawks" chant.

After the match, Punk sang "Happy Birthday" to a fan and signed a bunch of autographs.

Biggest Pops
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Dolph Ziggler
The Usos

Most Heat
Vickie Guerrero
Damien Sandow
The Shield

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