False Finish Wrestling Radio interviewed Luke Hawx, who faces Matt Hardy at tonight's Extreme Rising Pro Wrestling's "Unfinished Business" event which takes place at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Here are a few highlights:

Being ripped by actor Nick Searcy, from FX's hit show Justified (which you can watch above):

I cracked up about it. If Nick hates me enough to get involved, bring him too. Doesn't matter if its Searcy, Reby [Sky], any old man I will treat them all like Matt and knock all of them out.

Matt Hardy:

We've had a long heated feud. I've enjoyed it. It's been a very passionate rivalry. Not too many things with this much passion happen too much anymore. Most of the time feuds are something someone put together, like "Hey you'll be good with this guy". I hurt Matt, for real and it got dug out from there. Nobody wrote this. It has been built on emotion and aggression. We've beaten the hell out of each other across the country. Matt doesn't need to keep wrestling. He could retire right now if he wanted to, because he's been to the WWE and he has the money to. I've been in the game awhile, but I haven't made a million dollars like Matt. He's not very smart, but he definitely has balls. He can brag about his old lady [Reby Sky] all he wants, but my old lady is way hotter than his old lady. Reby has been with many guys and she's in Playboy, but I would rather come home to my old lady who has been mine since she was a teenager and she's only been with me. I can brag too. Do I have everything I want? No, but that will come with hard work. I wasn't in WWE, but I'm in movies. How many movies has Matt Hardy been in? I make some money on TV and in movies. Homefront with Jason Statham most recently.

Unfinished Business this Saturday against Matt Hardy at the Philidelphia Arena:

I mean I think the show sells itself. It's myself vs. Matt Hardy, the biggest feud in the Indys in the past year. The Greek God Papadon, Bestia 666, Rhino, Sabu, Homicide will be there, not to wrestle but to support his boys, Stevie Richards. All great superstars under one roof that you won't get to see on any regular show. Guys like myself and Papadon, not many shows like it. We hit hard and the new management has taken out the trash. There will be no Shane Douglas. It will be spotlighted by hard working wrestlers like guys from ECW, the way it should be. Not just guys who cant hang it up and never hit WWE. All top Indy guys.

The Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup:

That was one of the biggest things I've done in my career. I followed the tournament for a long time. It's the biggest Indy tournament in history. Its been around the longest of any Indy tournament I can think of. It gets the most coverage and it was a big huge moment in my career.

His thoughts on Extreme Rising:

The promotion has so much potential, and so much to prove. It started off getting good buzz. People want to really be able to buy into the product and the market for that ECW style is still open. Extreme Rising is perfect for the Indy scene but needs to be done right. With them canceling shows and having guys passed out on the locker room, they couldn't succeed that way. Now they're under new management and I think that will fix a lot of those problems.

Extreme Rising Pro Wrestling's "Unfinished Business" takes place tonight at the former ECW Arena, 7 W. Ritner Street (Corners of Swanson & Ritner) in Philadelphia, PA Bell time is 7pm, doors open at 6pm. There will be a fan fest from 2pm - 4pm. You can get more information or purchase tickets at extremetixs.com.

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