Another Detailed Set Of Results From Tonight's WWE Live Event In Detroit, MI: CM Punk Headlines

* Next is either a dance-off or a match between Mark Henry and Fandango. The votes were pretty even throughout the night, but the dance-off wins. Fandango and Summer Rae are elated. They go first, but only dance for about 10 seconds. Fandango and Summer act like they tore the house down. Henry reluctantly goes next. He points to the sky and Billy Jean starts playing. The crowd goes nuts. Henry busts out some nice moves, but Fandango attacks him during his moonwalk. Henry gets the upperhand and World's Strongest Slams Fandango. Henry teases dancing some more, but thinks better of it and heads to the back.

* The main event is CM Punk vs. all 3 members of the Shield. The place goes bonkers for Punk. The Shield and Punk both play coy and keep telling each other to just walk away, but neither back down. Reigns takes himself out mid-match with a missed Spear attempt into the steel steps. Rollins later pulls Reigns' shoulder "back in place" to get him back into the match. Reigns attempts another Spear while Punk has Ambrose up for a GTS, but Punk drops Ambrose in front of Reigns, giving him a chance to take Reigns and Rollins out and put Ambrose to sleep for the win.

Biggest Pops:
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan

Most Heat:
The Miz
The Shield

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