TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus recently spoke with Sky News Radio. Here are some highlights:

Winning the TNA World Title:

"It feels fantastic. I think, when you work your whole life for a moment like this, you try and soak it up. Fortunately, because of the fact that it airs on Thursdays in America and it airs on Sundays in the UK, I've almost got to experience it twice. So it's been a lot of fun, and I'm obviously thrilled and ecstatic about being the champion."

Being recognized as the top wrestler in the company:

"It is a great feeling, and it's something that's hard to sink in sometimes because you think, they made me the World Champion now. That means I'm as good as I hoped I could be, you know... I'm as good as I always thought I had the capability of being, and that's a great feeling. But now the work really begins, truthfully. Now is when you really have to knuckle down and go, okay now there's tons of pressure and there's a huge target on you. There are people waiting for you to trip and fall at every hurdle, and there are people waiting to pick up the ball if you drop it. So this is where the work really begins. Every single match, every single promo, every single interview, and every single segment has to be a home run. But I'm looking forward to it."

What to expect from TNA in 2014:

"I think you're going to see a more consistent product. I think you're going to see the continued emergence and development of new faces, new generation mixed with the established stars and legends that we've always managed to do so well. But I think that you're going to see some other talent get the chance to do what I did, which is sort of step up and come into their own... and that's always exciting. You'll continue to see new concepts be developed. You'll see more of Impact365 start to take on a life of its own, and really add some additional content and value to our product. I think you're going to see a more streamlined kind of approach. Things are going to be a slicker operation I'm excited about the way things are going, actually."

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