Chris Weidman did what many thought was impossible and defeated MMA legend Anderson Silva for the second time last night in the main event of UFC 168. Understandably, Weidman was elated in victory. However, his excitement quickly turned to concern when he saw that his opponent was writhing on the mat in pain from the broken leg that ended the fight.

Weidman explained post-fight what was going through his mind when he went to check on his maimed opponent.

"Obviously, I knew when I checked the kick he was - I saw something not look good and he went down in pain," the champion recalled. "So, I was just making sure he was alright. I felt bad for him. I don't like to see someone's leg get broken."

Still, Weidman feels good about his victory. After all, in addition to the fact that he dominated The Spider at the beginning of the fight, it was his quick reaction to check Silva's low kick that left the former champ with the unfortunate fight-ending injury.

"I feel good - just like any other win," he explained. "I feel like the last one was even crazier to me, like, a different feeling. But, this is still awesome."

With the win, Weidman made his first successful middleweight title defense. On the horizon for the young New Yorker is likely Vitor Belfort, who has controversially head kicked his way into the top contender spot. As for who Weidman would like to face, he is keeping his options open.

"Whoever Dana says, I know there's a whole bunch of mad Brazilians looking to get me," Weidman said. "So I'm probably going to be facing one of them, but we'll see."

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