Thanks to reader Abdul Gamel for sending in this report for last night's WWE live event in Hershey, PA:

Had the pleasure of sitting second row for WWE's Hershey Live Event. I was a little surprised, the building was nearly full - only the highest section was not filled, and the crowd was electric, which made the event a lot more fun!

* Opening match saw the reunion of Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara teaming up to take on The Real Americans. Great back & forth match here and the crowd was really into all four guys. Mysterio & Sin Cara won when Sin Cara hit Cesaro with a top rope plancha. Great effort by all four wrestlers.

* Justin Gabriel defeated Tyson Kidd. They teased a Kidd heel turn at the end when Tyson refused to shake hands with Gabriel, but he eventually hugged him anyway.

* Ryback beat Zack Ryder. Ryback had a lot of heat with the Hershey crowd.

* The crowd voted for Natalya VS. A.J. Lee to be a Divas Championship match instead of a Dance Off, but A.J. Lee refused to defend the title. After a good Divas match, Natalya won when A.J. submitted to the sharpshooter.

* The Big Show defeated Kane in a steel cage match. This match was a little slow and didn't have a lot of big spots. One highlight was Kane hitting a flying clothesline off the top rope, another being Big Show hitting a chokeslam off the second rope. Big Show knocked Kane out with the KO punch for the win.

* Los Matadores (with El Torito) defeated 3MB with Ricardo Rodriguez. The kids love Los Matadores. 3MB was a little ridiculous. Brad Maddox introduced them as "New Year's Babies" and McIntyre & Mahal came out wearing diapers. Rodriguez was wearing some kind of sumo suit with a diaper as well. McIntyre's diaper created a wardrobe malfunction - it didn't stay on through the whole match and he ended the match in his underwear. Kind of silly, but the kids really loved this match.

* Special Referee Booker T. was introduced for Dolph Ziggler VS. Alberto Del Rio. Man, Del Rio had nuclear heat with the Hershey crowd! While Del Rio was jaw-jacking with some rowdy fans, Ziggler was way over, and so was the referee Booker T. To everyone's delight, Ziggler won after Booker T gave Del Rio a scissors kick. Booker T then invited ring announcer Justin Roberts into the ring for a Happy Birthday song - and of course, spineroonie's, which he didn't do too bad a job of. Happy Birthday, Justin Roberts!

* Main Event: John Cena VS. Randy Orton. The crowd was really anti-Orton, and about 75%-25% in favor of John Cena. He received a lot of cheers, but there were pockets of fans who were booing for Cena - very few cheering Orton, though. Good match that saw Orton dominate, and using quite a few head locks. Cena eventually rebounded but Orton was disqualified when he low-blowed Cena. Cena then gave Orton the Attitude Adjustment and sent the kids home happy.

Overall - a very fun show, and the crowd loved it.

Match of the night: Dolph Ziggler VS. Alberto Del Rio. I was surprised, but this really stole the show! Honorable mention: Mysterio/Sin Cara VS. The Real Americans.

Worst Match of the night: Kane VS. Big Show steel cage match. Just not enough action, crowd wasn't really into it.

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