Edge Talks His WWE Start, Advice From Scott Hall, His First WWF Match With Bob Holly, Jim Ross

Edge Talks His WWE Start, Advice From Scott Hall, His First WWF Match With Bob Holly, Jim Ross Photo: Arnulfo Holguin
As noted earlier, part two of Edge on Chris Jericho's podcast, Talk Is Jericho, is available here. Here are some more highlights from part one of Edge's appearance on the show:

Wrestling Bob Holly in one of his first WWF matches:

They [WWF] needed somebody to wrestle Bob Holly. Somebody didn't show or somebody got stuck at the border or whatever it was and I didn't have a car. I had just finished college. My car was broken down. I had no money. I was living in Rockwood, Ontario and doing my internship. It was probably the lowest I've ever been from a financial like, okay, what am I going to do tomorrow standpoint. Which is generally how it works, then all of a sudden this blast of sunshine comes flying through. Jay ends up getting ahold of me and says Carl DeMarco is trying to get ahold of you, they need somebody to wrestle Bob Holly. I'll drive you there. Okay. So Jay comes, picks me up, drives me to Copps Coliseum. Felt pretty confident, strangely. Three hours before the show. I was the first one in the dressing room. I beat Barry Horowitz there, which is saying something because he, he didn't get there much after me, that's his thing.

So I got there. It's 7:30 start. I'm on first with Bob. Bob gets there about 7:00. Classic Bob walks up to me, "how long you been working?" I was like, "about four and a half years." "F***," and walks away. Okay. Alright, well, how's this going to be? I think it was George Steele was the agent, or one of the agents. They said crossbody for the finish. Okay. So we went out there, had nothing but the finish. Bob hadn't talked to me still. So we go out there and I just started calling a few things and I'm surprised that Bob didn't try to take my head off.

But right out of the gate I just started dancing like a fool, and it got a reaction from the crowd. Jimmy Lake was the ref, and I still have a picture of it, he's just looking at me dumbfounded. But then he started laughing and Bob started chuckling, which I realize now was a feat in itself.Visit Wrestling Inc. Oh yes, I was Sexton Hardcastle, which was the new moniker, which I still think might be the greatest name ever. I still think that's the greatest handle ever.

But yeah, I gave them a cassette, and I came out to the ring to Walk, because I hadn't seen ECW at that point so I didn't know Van Dam came out to it. So I came out and I started doing this horrible Caucasian running man to Pantera. It was just all sorts of ridiculous. It didn't make any sense, but for whatever reason the crowd reacted and the match ended up, I remember it being good. Like, this is a good, solid match with false finishes. They're into this. This is pretty cool. He was still Spark Plugg at this point, wearing racing stripes. I don't know how much people got into that character at that point, but they were into that match, which was cool. I'm not saying it's because of me. I'm just saying it was a good, solid opening match on a card.

We did the finish and it seemed to work out well. We got to the back and Bob was like, "damn, kid. Thanks." I was like, alright, cool.Check out Wrestling Inc. Scott Hall, Razor at that point, he goes, "man, kid. You got something there. You just got to learn to work for 10000 people instead of 10." Okay, duly noted. Got it.

Getting a call from Carl DeMarco and signing with WWE:

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