Former WWE star John Morrison recently did an exclusive Q&A with During the Q&A, Morrison talked about his acting career:

"My acting career is great, I feel like I'm growing a lot as an entertainer- lately, with Boone the Bounty Hunter, Ghost Puncher, and some of the other projects I've been doing, I feel like I've hit my sweet spot as an action comedy actor."

Morrison noted that he still keeps up with WWE when he has time. The interviewer asked Morrison about a WWE return but noted that "he can't say when he'll be returning." He also said that if he could face any person that he hasn't, it would be Hulk Hogan because he was a Hulkamaniac as a kid.

Morrison also talked more about his acting career, if he keeps up with WWE today, working with The Miz and more. You can read the full Q&A by clicking here.

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