WWE NXT Recap: Zayn Vs. Kruger - 2 Out Of 3 Falls, Sing Off Between English And Cassady, More

WWE NXT Recap: Zayn Vs. Kruger - 2 Out Of 3 Falls, Sing Off Between English And Cassady, More Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
The first episode of NXT of 2014 opens up with Tom Phillips, William Regal, and Alex Riley and on commentary.

Lana comes out on the ramp and announces Alexander Rusev.

Alexander Rusev vs. Kofi Kingston

They lock up. Rusev knees Kofi in the corner. Kofi stumbles to another corner, and Rusev kicks him in the stomach. Rusev picks Kofi up and knees his midsection against the ropes. He hits Kofi with a Samoan drop. Kofi battles back with strikes and kicks. Rusev hits a running body block for a two count. Rusev goes for a splash, but Kofi moves. He hits Rusev with a back elbow. Rusev charges, but Kofi puts his boots up. Kofi hits several chops, a dropkick, and a leaping clothesline.

Kofi hits the Boom Drop. He signals for Trouble in Paradise, but Rusev shoves him across the ring. Kofi leaps up top and hits a springboard crossbody. Rusev drives his shoulder into Kofi's stomach in the corner. He charges, but Kofi hits a kick to the head. Kofi goes up top, and Lana distracts him. Rusev grabs Kofi and tosses him off. He locks Kofi in the Camel clutch and Kofi taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Then, Devin Taylor is backstage with Sylvester LeFort. She asks LeFort if it's true that he's holding auditions for new talent. LeFort mentions Scott Dawson having a broken leg and then says yes, it's true he's looking for new people. A wrestler walks up, LeFort asks who he is, and he responds Bull Dempsey. LeFort says he is too fat to work for him and says bye. Mason Ryan walks up and stands behind LeFort. LeFort asks if he is here for the audition. Ryan says what audition, and LeFort says he is looking for a new client. He pulls out a dollar bill and tells Ryan he can make him lots of money. Ryan shoves it in LeFort's mouth, calls him an idiot, and walks off. LeFort mutters angrily in French.

Back from commercial and Natalya comes down to the ring.

Number One Contender's Match For The NXT Women's Championship
Natalya vs. Emma

The two lock up, and Natalya locks in a side headlock. She takes Emma to the mat. Emma reverses into a head scissors. Natalya gets out, and they exchange wristlocks. Natalya hits a fireman's carry and locks in Emma's arm. Emma gets to her feet, but Natalya locks her arm back in. Emma reverses out, but Natalya slams Emma to the mat. Emma comes back with a pin attempt for a two count. Natalya rams her into the corner and hits knees to the gut. Natalya charges, and Emma bails to the apron. She rams her shoulder into Natalya's stomach, slides back in, and gets another pin attempts. Emma locks in the tarantula.

Emma goes for her running corner crossbody, but Natalya moves. Natalya hits a discus clothesline. She locks Emma in an abdominal stretch. Emma fights out with elbows, but Natalya slams her to the mat. Natalya locks in another submission. Emma gets out, and Natalya kicks her in the stomach. She hits Emma with a bodyslam. Natalya goes for a standing leg drop, but Emma moves. Natalya tries to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Emma reverses into a pin attempt. She locks Natalya in the Emma Lock, and Natalya taps.

Winner and number one contender: Emma

Natalya raises Emma's arm after the match, and Emma gets Natalya to do her dance for a second.

Back from commercial, and Renee Young is in the commercial for the first ever NXT Sing Off. Aiden English comes out and says he is saving his vocal talents for the main stage. Then, Renee Young welcomes Colin Cassady. He walks down to the ring wearing a suit.

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