Views From The Turnbuckle: Why You Shouldn't Be Excited That Batista Is Coming Back

When Wrestlemania is filled with part-time wrestlers, and most of the other wrestlers are relegated to less-important matches, then WWE is setting themselves up to fail as a company. When all the part-timers are taking up all the important matches, then you get PPVs like Battleground. You get PPVs like Survivor Series, and PPVs like Hell in a Cell. When all those part-timers leave for their other interests and their hibernation, then you are left with a bunch of guys who nobody cares about trying to make up a PPV card.

See, WWE is stuck wondering why their ratings are down and why they don't have a ton of new stars, when in reality, they have nobody to blame but themselves. Instead of saying "Who can we elevate and make a main eventer out of?" they end up just looking around to see what past-main eventer that no longer works for them but isn't in a wheel-chair and bring them back. Will Batista vs Randy Orton for the world title draw more buys for Wrestlemania than Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton for the world title? Perhaps. But that really shouldn't be the question WWE is asking themselves. The better question would be "What is the better matchup for our business down the road?" Batista can main-event Wrestlemania and win the world title, but come September/October when Batista is absent because he is filming another movie or he just wants a break, then WWE is suddenly out the guy who was the biggest star at Wrestlemania. If Daniel Bryan was in the main event, then they would be set because Bryan is a workhorse that only wants to be a professional wrestler.

One last thing I would like to say is that it is okay for these guys to be back, but only if they are used correctly. They can actually help WWE prepare for the future by working with younger guys. I really don't have a problem with Chris Jericho coming back because he actually wants to build-up other guys and he knows that he is capable of helping. RVD has also shown that he can do the same. But outside of those guys, the part-timers mostly work either amongst themselves, or with the same people. The Undertaker has faced Triple H twice in the last three years at Wrestlemania. Brock Lesnar has wrestled HHH more times than he has worked with anybody else since his return. Batista is probably going to work with HHH, Lesnar, Undertaker or Cena. Just like WCW, the established veterans seem to be wanting to work exclusively with each other while all the young guys with potential have to fend for themselves in the undercard.

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