As noted earlier, AJ Styles did an interview with Wrestling Observer Radio earlier this week. You can listen to the full interview at this link, here are some highlights:

- AJ confirms he's a free agent. He admits he's very nervous but excited. Says he's interested in going to Japan and is looking forward to his upcoming ROH appearances.

- Even during the contract negotiations in September, he never really thought he'd be gone from TNA because he'd been there so long and felt he was valuable. He seems to think TNA dropped the ball on negotiations.

- He didn't think it made much sense that TNA continued to build things around him in the autumn if they didn't think he was sticking around.

- He's still friends with Vince Russo. Admits he thinks he got too much criticism because writing a two hour wrestling show is harder than it looks.

- He think changing the ring to four sides was one of the biggest mistake in company history.

- At first he didn't get along too well with Eric Bischoff, but they got friendlier over time.

- The door is still open for him to return to TNA.

- He tried to accommodate TNA as much as he could during negotiations, but it just didn't work out.

- He would absolutely go to WWE if they made the right offer, but he's not in talks with them at the moment.

- Talks about his physical shape saying that he can still go, but he knows that he's not 25 anymore. He tells a story about doing a backstage tryout with WWE and Triple H going backstage and telling him to "slow down." He thinks it was good advice and he has tried to slow down in recent years.

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