TNA Impact Results With Video: AJ Returns, Title Change, Huge Match Announced For Next Week

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

JB asks him how it feels to be champion after the match, and Sabin says he has to thank the one person that believed in him; himself. He says thank you Chris Sabin, and then your welcome Chris Sabin.

Spud is shown in the back practicing his lines for the coronation. His phone rings, but nobody is on the other line. He says that is 4th time this has happened to him today.

Samuel Shaw comes down to the ring for his match. He is wearing white pants and a pull-over to the ring. Tenay and Tazz talk about how Shaw seems to like Christy Hemme. Shaw pulls Hemme over and lets her get out of the ring for some reason. Shaw is still in the ring and he watches Hemme on the outside. Norv Fernum hits the ring and he will be Shaw's opponent.

Samuel Shaw vs Norv Fernum

Shaw catches Norv with a kick and hard whips him into the turnbuckle. Norv fights back with some kicks, but Shaw catches him with a powerslam. Shaw keeps looking over at Hemme, and he connects with a neckbreaker using his back. Shaw continues to stare at Hemme, and Shaw locks in what basically looks like a sleeper hold except he is holding Norv up on his side. Norv goes out and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner Samuel Shaw

We see Storm in the back and he says that Gunner is just like all his other partners, they are all the same. He says that he should find a new partner, and he opens a locker room door and enters as we cut away.

We see Roode talking in the back who is worried about his match. He is saying that know you just walk in here to be his partner? The camera zooms in we see he is talking to Storm. Storm says he needs to send a message, but Roode doesn't trust him. Storm says he is going to be out there tonight, either as his partner, or kicking everyone's ass.

We see a video package of Magnus winning the world title with the help of Dixie, EC3 and Spud.

Angle's music plays and it is time for the tag team match. Gunner follows him out separately. We then go to JB who asks Gunner what will happen if Roode has chosen Storm? Gunner says that it is going to get more interesting and more physical. We then go to commercial.

We come back and Roode comes down to the ring. There is a break, and then Storm's music plays and he comes down to the ring.

James Storm and Robert Roode vs Gunner and Kurt Angle

Storm and Angle start it off. They chain wrestle a bit working the arms, and Angle scores with a high elbow. He hits a snap suplex and goes back to the arm. He tags in Gunner who gets the arm from Storm. Storm hits the ropes and scores with a high knee. Roode comes in and Gunner hits a clothesline and an elbow. Roode tries to take him into the turnbuckle, but Gunner no sells and hits a splash in the corner. He hits a slingshot suplex for a two count.

roodde gets a knee in again and throws gunner into his corner. Gunner locks eyes with Storm, and then runs into a rolling spinebuster by Roode. Roode tags in Storm and Storm mount Gunner and scores with a flurry of rights. He works Gunners arm and tags in Roode. They work together and hit duel elbows and continue to work on Gunner.

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