TNA Impact Results With Video: AJ Returns, Title Change, Huge Match Announced For Next Week

Storm comes in and locks in a front chancery on Gunner. Gunner fights out of it and begins to pick Storm up and drive him back towards his corner. Gunner makes the tag, but Roode distracts the ref, and the ref stops Angle from coming in. Roode comes in and continues to work over Gunner. He boots him a few times an drops a knee. He tags in Storm and they hit a double team suplex. They stare at each other and Roode heads back to the apron.

Gunner gets up and hits some right hands and him and Storm connect on shoulder blocks. Gunner again makes the tag, but Roode distracted the ref. Angle doesn't care and he lays out Storm and hits a trio of german suplexes on Roode. He puts Storm in the ankle lock, and Roode clocks him from behind. Gunner picks Roode up in the torture rack, but Storm nails him with a superkick and Roode hits his firemans carry finisher and gets the three count.

Winners: Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode

After the match Angle almost hits a angle slam on the Roode, but Roode slips out and heads to the back.

We see Sting walking in the back, and he is approached by Spud. Spud implicates him as the one who sent the note, but Sting brushes him aside and says that he is here to talk to Dixie and not her lapdog.

EC3 comes out for an apparent match. We get a recap from last week about EC3 getting a roll-up victory over Sting during the tag match. We also see Hardy leaving TNA after the match. EC3 is on the mic and he says that 2013 was the year he debuted and changed the face of wrestling. He says his aunt put him against the most brutal competition in the land. EC3 says he beat Sting and Jeff Hardy last week, and he pinned Sting easily, and Jeff Hardy quit TNA. He mocks Jeff Hardy and his "creatures." He says that tonight is a night for redemption. He says he challenges Jeff to a match right now.

Christy introduces him and his music plays, but nobody comes out of course. EC3 says that Hardy isn't here tonight, so they should ring the bell and declare EC3 the winner. The bell rings and EC3 begins to count him out, but before he can reach 10, Sting comes out.

Sting says that he is not going to stand by and listen to him trash talk Hardy, because he is a man and he doesn't even know what he is. EC3 says that he is done with him, but Sting chides him and calls him Dixie's dog and makes a bunch of dog jokes. Sting asks him to get off of the leash and prove that he is not a dog, but a man. EC3 says he is not going to let Sting manipulate him and gets out of the ring. Sting says he is nothing but Dixies lapdog, and EC3 starts walking to the back. He turns around and says that enough is enough, and that he will fight him one on one, in two weeks at Genesis he drops the mic and walks to the back.

We see EY and Joseph Park talking in the back. Park says he doesn't remember anything about last week and he isn't Abyss. Young says that two years ago Abyss wrestled Bully Ray, and tonight he is going to win. Bully comes in and says it is a bad idea to go to that ring, he shouldn't be the man to burn for Ken Anderson's sins. Park questions him and Bully says he is going to set him on fire and walks away.

Bully Ray is introduced and he is wearing his hoodie and sunglasses. Tenay and Tazz talk about how Bully said he was going to set Park on fire. Park comes out and he looks very scared.

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