TNA Impact Results With Video: AJ Returns, Title Change, Huge Match Announced For Next Week

Magnus is about to hit him in the head with the title, but AJ Styles comes flying into the ring and clears it of Spud and EC3. Magnus and AJ lock eyes and Dixie tells him to get out of the ring. They each have a title belt and Magnus leaves the ring.

AJ says that she wants her intellectual property, well here it is, with him. He says that she thinks he is going to hand it over to him, but it isn't that simple. He says that he came here not because she wanted him, but because she screwed these people over. She made the world champion a farce, and he needed to come back. He calls Magnus a farce and until he beats THE World Heavyweight Champion, he isn't a champion.

Magnus asks him if he is challenging him, and AJ says their can only be one champion. Dixie pleads with Magnus, but AJ asks if he is going to let Dixie drag him everywhere. AJ says that he knows he needs to wrestle AJ. AJ says that these people will never accept him as a champion, and he may pretend that he doesn't care about the people, but he really does. He says the deal is on the table, but if he walks out those doors, the opportunity is going with him.

Magnus says that AJ is not better then him, not anymore,but never again. He will prove it next week, for the World Championship. Dixie says that is not going to happen, but Magnus says that if that doesn't happen, then he is gone too. Nobody is going to doubt him or his championship. Dixie says that he doesn't have a contract, but Magnus says he is going to get a one night contract, AJ vs Magnus, winner take all.

Dixie says that if he loses she will have nothing, but Magnus says that if he doesn't fight, she will have nothing anyways. He accepts and Dixie storms to the back as Impact goes off the air.

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