This week's episode of Superstars opens with Tom Phillips and Alex Riley on commentary.

Jack Swagger comes down to the ring.

Jack Swagger vs. Tyson Kidd

They circle each other and chain wrestle briefly. Kidd wraps Swagger's arm around the middle rope. The ref breaks the hold, and Kidd keeps the offense up. He dropkicks Swagger into the corner. Swagger comes back with a huge wheelbarrow Suplex. Swagger hits a body avalanche in the corner and tosses Kidd across the ring. Swagger locks Kidd in a submission. He takes Kidd down to the mat. Kidd comes back with a pin attempt. Swagger slams Kidd to the mat. He stomps on Kidd and hits a big clothesline. Swagger locks in Kidd's head from behind on the mat. Kidd gets to his feet and lands a back elbow.

Kidd hurricanranas Swagger into the top turnbuckle. He kicks Swagger in the legs and hits a dropkick to the head. Kidd kicks Swagger in the head again and locks in a tarantula. Swagger's head goes to the apron after Kidd breaks the hold, and Kidd jumps to the apron and drops a leg on it. Kidd kicks Swagger from the apron and leaps into the ring at him, but Swagger catches him and drives him to the mat. Swagger attacks Kidd's leg and locks in the Patriot Lock. Kidd taps.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Back from commercial and CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins from RAW is shown.

Then, Triple H's announcement and the Brock Lesnar and Mark Henry fight from RAW are shown.

The Prime Time Players vs. The Usos

Young and Jimmy start off. Young locks in a side headlock. Jimmy hits a shoulder tackle. Young comes back with a strike to the head and a running kick to the face. Jey tags himself in. Young hits a northern lights Suplex. O'Neil tags in. PTP double shoulder tackle Jey. O'Neil hits a body slam. He drops a pair of legs on Jey. He locks in Jey's head from behind. O'Neil locks in Jey's arm. Jey fights back with gut shots, but O'Neil hits a shoulder tackle. Young tags in and steps on Jey's chest. O'Neil slams Young into Jey, and Jey rolls out of the ring for a breather.

Back from commercial and O'Neil is in the ring with Jimmy. They circle each other and tie up. O'Neil backs Jimmy to the corner. Young tags in and locks in a side headlock. Jimmy backs him to the corner and the ref breaks the hold. Jimmy hits a pair of chops. Young reverses Jimmy into the corner and hits several uppercuts. He chops Jimmy. Jimmy power whips Young into the corner, over the ropes, and to the outside. Jimmy follows and sends him back inside. Jey tags in and works on Young's elbow. Jey rams his shoulder into Young's stomach and Jimmy tags in.

Jimmy hits a flying elbow to the head. He locks in Young's arm. Young fights back with strikes to the head, but Jimmy lands a big kick to the head/neck. Jey tags in and keeps working on Young's arm. Young gets to his feet and hits a knee to the gut, but Jey lands several more strikes. Jimmy tags in and charges Young, but Young catches him and tosses him into the corner. O'Neil and Jey tag in. O'Neil has the hot tag. He hits a shoulder tackle, clothesline, and a big boot. O'Neil hits a body avalanche in the corner. O'Neil slams Jey to the mat.

Jimmy breaks up the pin attempt and Young tries to toss him out. Jimmy reverses and tosses Young out of the ring. O'Neil tosses Jimmy out, and Jimmy Superkicks Young on the outside. O'Neil picks Jey up and tosses him over his shoulders, but Jey lands on his feet and stumbles backwards to his corner. Jimmy tags in and the Usos double Superkick O'Neil. Jimmy hits the Superfly splash on O'Neil for the win.

Winners: The Usos

Then, the RAW Rebound is shown to end the show, and it focuses on what happened between Daniel Bryan and the Wyatt Family.

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