AJ Styles Talks About Jeff Jarrett's Departure, Dixie Carter's Role, Returning To ROH, Lots More

On how difficult has it been to adjust to life outside of TNA after being there so long: "Well I think the biggest problem for me right now is when I do interviews is to stop saying "we". A number of times I've said "we" when it's not "we" anymore, it's "me". And "them". That's my biggest problem that I am having right now. Because it's so hard to get used to. I mean, 11 years might not sound like a long time to someone but when you work anywhere for that long of time, it's like you can't get it out of your head. It's just a force of habit. Being there. But it's something that I'm gonna have to get used to and get used to it quick. This is my first match at Ring Of Honor, this Saturday; tomorrow. And I think once I get in the ring and start rolling around, and weekend after weekend and week after week and being on the Independent scene, I'll get used to it pretty quick."

What does he have to say to the hardcore TNA fans who are upset with his departure: "Well I've definitely have had a couple of tweets, with some being angry with me. And I'm not going to retweet them, I'm not going to respond to them. I'm not going to respond to someone who is just being a jerk even though I want to. Just a number of things, like for instance some guy said that "AJ, if you're done with TNA, then that's a big F you to me." Like saying I'm screwing him. My argument would be to him if you would like to pay me to work there then I'd be more than happy. Negotiations are what they are and sometimes you can't agree on something and at some point you need to make a decision that benefits your family. One guy brought up this--this is the most ridiculous thing--did you know that I guess, Ring Of Honor's website there is an under 18 kind of--I don't know, soft porn or whatever it is, that sponsors them? I don't know if it sponsors the website, I don't know anything about it. I'm not filming any movies with soft porn if it makes him feel any better. I'm not doing that. I am there to wrestle and that's it. I'm sure if we knew where a lot of money comes from; from different businesses; we would be less likely to support them. I am supporting my family. That's the bottom line. It has nothing to do with some soft porn site. I don't really know what it is. And he's attacking my beliefs. And I want to say to this guy "well you without sin, throw the first stone." They always want to bash something that you do. No matter what it is but it relies on me taking care of my family and what I think is right for them."

On if he looks at Ring of Honor possibly having a brighter future than TNA: "I mean sure I do. I'm going there so I would think that the sky's the limit, man. I wanna go and help build something that you take pride in and you fall in love with it. As I did with TNA and don't get me wrong, like I said, I don't hate TNA but if the opportunity comes to make ROH bigger and I can have a part in that then absolutely I want to do something like that."

On how Ring Of Honor is about the wrestling more so than TNA: "It is and I do know that you have to create characters. I understand that. But then again you can't fight someone on their field; on their playing field. You gotta accentuate what you do best. And Ring of Honor knows that wrestling is what they do best. And that is their strongest asset and I think that at a point, TNA thought the same thing about themselves. And then they tried to move on and tried to be bigger. Which is what you should do. But it was the little things like taking away the six-sided ring and putting the squared ring back in there. You realize that they weren't really being different; they were being the same. And to me that was a bad move."

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