AJ Styles Talks About Jeff Jarrett's Departure, Dixie Carter's Role, Returning To ROH, Lots More

On whether his contract status is long term or short term with Ring of Honor: "Well I think we are gonna sit down tomorrow at the show and talk about that. I definitely want to be there. I definitely want to represent them. Like I said tomorrow we'll talk about how far we are going to go with it."

How he felt after his contract with TNA was officially expired: "Well when you know you don't have a job it's pretty scary. It's heartbreaking, really. But as quickly as I got those independent dates, it started making me feel a lot better. When you think you're worthless sometimes and you get the respect that I got from the Indy's and Ring Of Honor, that's a big deal.It boosts your confidence, it boosts your ego a little bit. Which you need. And apparently somebody was watching. Everything you did and it's gonna take off. It is worrisome, you're gonna worry about it. But at the end of the day, it ain't gonna do you any good. Just go up there and do your best and do what you can and that's it."

On if WWE was to approach him with a contract, would he be worried they would change him: "I do know that they like to make their own characters. But I'm ok with that. If I had the opportunity to go there, I may take that opportunity. I mean it all depends on certain things obviously but if they were willing to give me the opportunity, I would make the best of it. I'm not saying that I would go there, I'm definitely not saying that I wouldn't. It all depends on what they are offering. That's the bottom line."

On the top of the card at WWE being more wrestler orientated than "characters": "True. But there are little things that have happened that have gotten that character over; that wrestler over. Despite what we may think, there is a bearded guy who once he starts saying yes, people go crazy for it. And I think it's awesome. Good for him, man. I am so proud that he is doing so well because I know that guy works really hard. And of course I'm talking about Daniel Bryan or American Dragon or whatever you want to call him. But that's a good thing and like I said it's all about opportunity."

Does it frustrate him to see the state of TNA how it is right now; not utilizing the talent they have: "Well I mean that is frustrating because you know they are more than capable of having those kinds of matches (5 star) like Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels. But at the same token I look at what Chris and Frankie (Kazarian) are doing as far as this tag team and I think it's hilarious the stuff that they've come up with. You know it is entertainment. And for those who want a little bit of everything, those two guys can definitely give that, there's no doubt. But at the same time they can give amazing matches. And it's all who you put them in there with. You can only do so much with certain people in the ring. I don't want to bash anybody because that's not what it's about. I'm just saying that it's who you are in there with sometimes that you are able to have these five star matches. But at the same time you gotta tell a story and have guys who are able, are capable of having five star matches. It's difficult to find that happy medium. Joe I think deserves to be in a huge storyline because every time he goes out to the ring somebody yells, all we hear is "Joe's gonna kill you" yet he never gets to do it anymore. It's hard, man. It's just--it stinks sometimes and I don't know whether going with a storyline's better. It's one of those things--it's the same thing that Ring Of Honor does is that they do a good job of wrestling. Because that's what they do best. TNA definitely has the wrestlers that can gather and do amazing things. But they have to give them that opportunity."

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