Steve Austin On Whose Idea It Was To Turn Him Heel, Biggest WWE Regret, Working With The Rock

"It was stupid, Chris, because you have to own up to some responsibility and accountability and show up. Honor your deal. You're packed with the boys and your job. So I should have showed up like a man, come up with a solution. Could have been a different solution, could have been just don't even do the match, but show up and talk to Vince face to face, solve the problem in some way or fashion, and get through it like a grown man."

Working with the Rock:

"Man, you want that, Chris [having more than one mega-star in the company at once such as Austin and the Rock] because you know you want the person you're dancing with to be as over, more over, whatever, because you want the best dance partner you can have. The fact is, Rock and I had great chemistry. We loved working with each other. We were built for each other. I brought out the best in him. He brought out the best in me. So we had that, but on top of that, when you add the people that were loving me or hating him, or later loving me and loving him. From a Wrestlemania 17 standpoint, we were Houston based so he had a little bit of a heel dynamic. Just two over guys, hey, man. That's something that you pray for every single night, is to work with a guy that's over like hell."

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