WWE Monday Night RAW Old School Results - Surprise Legend Return, Piper's Pit, More

WWE Monday Night RAW Old School Results - Surprise Legend Return, Piper's Pit, More

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- The first WWE RAW of 2014 kicks off with an old school graphic and intro. Michael Cole welcomes us to Old School RAW from Baltimore. We've got the old RAW set and everything. The music hits and out comes Ric Flair to the ring.

It sounds like only Cole and JBL on commentary so far, no Jerry Lawler. We see footage from Flair talking to the San Francisco 49ers this past weekend. Flair hits the ring, with red, white and blue ropes, and welcomes us to Old School RAW. Flair hypes tonight's show as only The Nature Boy can. Flair drops the mic and struts around the ring. The music hits and out comes WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.

Orton says he has the utmost respect for Flair and talks about learning so much from Flair when he broke into the business. Orton can't thank Flair enough for that. Orton says tonight isn't only about the Legends and the Hall of Famers, tonight is about Orton also. Fans boo. Orton says Flair must agree when Orton says he's the best and the champion of champions. Orton asks Flair to leave the ring so he can get something off his chest. Fans chant "no" and Flair doesn't leave. Orton brings up Stephanie McMahon making his Royal Rumble match against John Cena last week. Orton doesn't agree that it's best for business. He says it's absolute garbage. Orton wants The Authority to reverse their decision and cancel Cena's rematch. Orton says he's already proven he's the man. Flair interrupts and says he's not sure if Orton is the man. Flair says in his day if you were world champion, you performed 7 days a week. Flair says he did that for three decades and that's why he has two Hall of Fame rings. Flair says Orton should face Cena again. Orton says Flair is the most overrated star in history. Flair talks about how he and Triple H recruited Orton. Flair says Orton had this and that but also brings an immature punk attitude he's never grown out of. Flair wonders if when Orton goes home at night and closes the door, if he's really a man. Orton threatens to go old school on Flair's ass right now. They drop the mics but here comes John Cena.

Cena gets a very mixed reaction. He embraces Flair and addresses Orton, calling him a scumbag. Cena rips Orton for coming at Flair like that and calling him overrated. Cena says Orton belongs nowhere close to Flair's resume. Cena challenges Orton to a fight and gets ready for one. Orton exits the ring with his titles and holds them high in the air as Flair and Cena hug. Cena's music hits and he raises Flair's arm in the air as fans cheer. Flair and Cena strut around the ring to end it.

- We go to Cole and JBL at ringside, dressed in old school gear. Cole says Jerry Lawler is under the weather and had some heart issues but his heart is fine. Cole promises an update on Lawler on the WWE App.

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