- Traffic to DDPYoga.com spiked during "Diamond" Dallas Page's segment on RAW last night, and then went through the roof after Jake "The Snake" Roberts made his surprise appearance. DDP noted to me this morning that traffic was so high that the site went down for six hours.

"We were sleeping, we didn't know [about the site being down]," Page told me. "But it's back up now."

- Jeff Jarrett noted on his Twitter that he's heading to a meeting this morning with his wife, Karen, and that they will be announcing their plans "when the time is right."

- SportsTownChicago.com interviewed "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase and The Road Dogg before last night's "Old School RAW." Dibiase talked about the current state of the WWE, John Cena as a performer, his dislike of the Ultimate Warrior, his rivalry vs. Hogan and more. The Road Dogg discussed his return to the WWE, the current state of the Tag Team Division, cutting promos, how he formed his tag team and had the "brass" to tell the WWE he didn't like where his career was going, his return to Rumble last year and more. You can check out both interviews by clicking here.

- Dibiase Sr. also spoke to SLAM! Wrestling before last night's RAW. During the interview, "The Million Dollar Man" discussed Ted Jr.'s WWE run.

"He [Ted Jr.] was doing really good and then he got hurt, he came back and timing's everything, he was wrestling in live events almost for year and hadn't been back on television," Dibiase said. "They didn't put him back on TV because they didn't want to waste him. He was good, they didn't want to throw him out there and abuse him, they were trying to find something to do with him that was significant. In the meantime, he had a son.Visit Wrestling Inc. And when his son was born, that was the trigger. He called me and he said 'dad,' he said 'you know what, I figured this thing out. You're right.' He said 'you didn't want me to wrestle and it didn't have anything to do with wrestling. It had everything to do with this lifestyle.' He said 'I just realized that as much as I love the business, I don't care how much money I make, being away from my family that much, isn't worth it.' And he made that choice. So when his contract came up, he just respectfully declined. That's the hard thing as a dad I had to let him make that choice."

Dibiase also discussed finding God, his problems with fame, WWE's workplace today and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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