As noted earlier, WWE posted Michael Cole's latest interview with Triple H earlier today about tonight's "groundbreaking announcement," which you can watch above. We will have live coverage of the announcement tonight. Here are some highlights from the interview:

- Michael Cole said he's giddy about tonight's "blockbuster announcement" at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that will change the future of WWE, and asked for a hint about what the announcement is. Triple H said that he couldn't because it's a big secret.

- Cole noted that cutting edge technology like the VCR, DVD player and XBox debuted at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), and asked if the company was debuting something. HHH said that CES would be a perfect place for a pioneer like Vince McMahon to "change the world again."

- Cole pressed HHH again for a hint. HHH wouldn't give one, but said that the event will be "epic." He said that Vince and Stephanie would be there, along with himself, Shawn Michaels, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and John Cena.

- Cole asked for one thing that could happen tonight, and Triple H promised to not pull a Michael Bay (who walked out of his CES presentation earlier this week, video is below). Triple H promised to have big surprises, and he won't "let the snake out of the bad." Triple H then told Cole to wrap this up so they can head to the presentation. Triple H finished by saying that it will be "congratulations to the WWE Universe."

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