WWE NXT Recap: Tornado Tag Match, Colin Cassady Vs. Aiden English, Xavier Punished By Kane, More

Back from commercial and Xavier Woods comes down to the ring. Kane comes out and walks down to the ring. He says he's sure Xavier is proud of his recent successes on RAW, but he's not referring to his exploits in the ring, but his agitation behind the scenes. Specifically, he was instrumental to putting the petition together that brought Big Show back to RAW. He assures him that the authority hasn't forgotten about it. The authority was waiting for the appropriate time to punish him, which is now. He introduces Xavier's opponent: Alexander Rusev.

Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev (with Lana)

Woods immediately attacks Rusev with forearms. Rusev shoves him. Woods ducks a pair of clothesline attempts, and Rusev hits a Samoan drop. Rusev drops several elbows and headbutts. He clamps down on Woods's trapezius. Woods fights out via shots to the stomach. He attacks Rusev with several right hands to the head. Woods hits a flying forearm and a dropkick. He hits Rusev with the Honor Roll and goes for Lost in the Woods, but Rusev counters and collides with Woods against the ropes. Rusev locks in the camel clutch, and Woods taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Then, a WWE.com interview from last week is shown where Kofi Kingston is asked for his thoughts on losing to Rusev last week. Kofi says he didn't feel like himself, and he underestimated his opponent. He doesn't want to make excuses, but he took his eyes off the ball and ended up in the camel clutch. He says he won't underestimate him again, and challenges Rusev to a rematch.

Tyson Kidd vs. Baron Corbin

Kidd locks in a side headlock. Corbin shoves him off and hits a shoulder tackle. Kidd kicks him in the stomach. Corbin lands a back elbow. Corbin punches Kidd in the head. Kidd lands a chop. Corbin tosses him into the corner and punches him repeatedly in the stomach. Corbin connects with another shoulder tackle. He locks in Kidd's head from behind. Kidd fights out. Corbin charges him in the corner, and Kidd drop toe holds him into the center turnbuckle. Kidd kicks Corbin from the apron. He kicks Corbin in the legs and then dropkicks him in the head. Kidd places Corbin's head on the bottom rope, and then leaps over the ropes and drops a leg on the back of his head. Kidd goes up top. He hits Corbin with a neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Back from commercial and Hunico and Camacho come down to the ring on lowrider bicycles with gold rims.

Tornado Tag Match
The Ascension vs. Hunico and Camacho

Victor and Hunico start fighting, and Camacho and O'Brian start fighting. O'Brian kicks Camacho in one corner, and Hunico drives his shoulder into Victor's stomach in another. Camacho drives O'Brian into a corner and rams his shoulder into his gut. Hunico hits Victor with chops. O'Brian reverses and strikes Camacho to the mat in the corner. Hunico lands another chop and strikes Victor in the corner. Camacho hits O'Brian with chops. Camacho hits a belly to back Suplex on O'Brian. He clubs O'Brian in the back as Hunico keeps the attack up on Victor. O'Brian fights back with a right hand. O'Brian hits Camacho with a belly to back Suplex.

O'Brian clubs Camacho in the back. He kicks Camacho in the mat as Victor hits Hunico with strikes and elbows in the corner. O'Brian whips Camacho in the corner and charges. Camacho puts his boots up. Hunico goes for a cover on Victor. Victor kicks out, and Hunico uses his momentum to turn the kick out into a power bomb. Camacho drops a leg on Victor and goes for the pin, but O'Brian breaks it up. Hunico dropkicks O'Brian out of the ring. Victor rolls out the other side as things go to commercial.

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