WWE NXT Recap: Tornado Tag Match, Colin Cassady Vs. Aiden English, Xavier Punished By Kane, More

Back from commercial and Camacho slams O'Brian into one of the bicycles. Camacho boots O'Brian in the chest, and the heels send the champs back in the ring. Both of the heels mount a member of the Ascension in the corner and deliver punches as the crowd counts in Spanish. Both members of the Ascension counter with powerbombs out of the corner, and both champs go for a pin attempt. Victor stomps on Hunico as O'Brian kicks Camacho in the head repeatedly. Victor hangs Hunico over the apron and hits several elbows to the head. O'Brian hangs Camacho over the apron as well, and slams his head down.

O'Brian tosses Camacho back in. Hunico gets his head slammed into the apron by Victor. Victor tosses him back inside as O'Brian hits Camacho with a flapjack. Hunico attacks O'Brian and Victor kicks Camacho. Victor and Camacho exchange strikes. O'Brian hits Hunico with clubbing blows to the back of the neck. Victor hits Camacho with a vertical Suplex. O'Brian whips Hunico into the corner. Then, Victor and O'Brian whip Camacho into Hunico. They both whip Camacho into another corner.

They try to whip Hunico into Camacho, but Camacho lifts Hunico up into the air and Hunico lands on the apron. O'Brian charges Camacho, and Camacho puts his boots up. Hunico goes up top and takes out Victor and O'Brian with a crossbody. Camacho clotheslines both of them at once. Hunico hits Victor with a dropkick, then Camacho hits O'Brian with one. Hunico takes both Victor and O'Brian out with a springboard moonsault, and both heels go for a pin attempt. Victor rolls out of the ring. Camacho picks O'Brian up on his shoulder. Hunico goes up top as Camacho hits a Samoan drop. Hunico lands a senton and goes for the pin, but Victor breaks it up.

The heels clothesline Victor over the top rope. Hunico kicks Victor through the ropes. Hunico holds the ropes open, and Camacho dives through at Victor, but Victor connects with an uppercut. O'Brian hits Hunico with a full Nelson slam. Then, the Ascension hit the Fall of Man on Hunico for the win.

Winners: The Ascension

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