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Impact opens with a video recapping Magnus winning the world title and aligning with Dixie Carter. We see AJ Styles coming in from last week and challenging Magnus to a title match tonight.

We cut to the Impact Zone and Dixie Carter is coming down to the ring. She has a clipboard in her hand and she says that she is not going to waste anymore of her breath talking to AJ Styles. She has a contract and asks him to come out and sign it. AJ comes down to the ring with his world title belt. Dixie cuts him off from saying anything and she says that he just needs to sign it. The contract is for one night, and one match only, vs Magnus tonight, winner take all. Dixie says she is giving him a lot in this contract, and the only thing she wants is for this match to be a No DQ match. She says she needs that clause because she needs to make sure she never sees him again. She says after the match, she wants to see him bloody, beaten, and carried out.

AJ says that she has a lot of confidence in her paper champion, but she had a lot of confidence in Bully Ray, and he beat him. He says that when he beats Magnus, he will be the undisputed champion, and there will be no more stupid Dixieland matches. He says that if she thinks for one second that her cronies are going to come down to the ring and cost him the match, there are a bunch of boys in the back have his back, and they hate her just as much as he does.

Dixie says that she gave him anything, and those boys didn't sign the check and put food on the family. Those boys don't do any of that, she owns them, and after tonight she will break him.
Aj says that she doesn't get it, she doesn't get wrestling, and the belt never got more recognition and respect when he took it away from her. Maybe Magnus would realize that if he took his head out from underneath her skirt.

Magnus comes down and tells Dixie to leave the ring. She obliges and Magnus says that is the last time he is ever going to call him a paper champion. His time is up in TNA, and he loves how he talks about the boys in the back, but the last thing he remembers is AJ running away with the Championship. He had a good run, but all good things must come to an end, and tonight, he ends AJ. He says that only one man will be victorious, and that man is Magnus. He leaves the ring.

AJ catches him before he leaves and says he didn't get here taking the short cuts. It was 11 years it took to get to this world title, his blood, his sweat and his tears. He says unlike Magnus, he is going to walk out of here with his respect and dignity, with the championship. and then what is Dixie Carter going to do? AJ tells Magnus to "Take your lips off her (expletive) and ask her.

We come back from commercial and we see Dixie talking to Gail Kim and Lei'd Tapa in the back. She says this is very important, and Tapa needs to "get this." Dixie leaves and Gail turns to Tapa and asks her if she knows what she has to do, and Tapa nods.

Joseph Park and EY come down to the ring. Dixie is shown talking to the BroMans backstage, and they say they are good to do whatever Dixie wants them to do. Zema Ion is then shown on his DJ stage, and he does his usual animated intro for the BroMans.

Eric Young and Joseph Park vs The BroMans

Ey and Robbie start it off. EY gets the advantage and hist a cross body. Jesse comes in and eats a belly to belly suplex. EY tags in PArk and and he scoop slams Robbie. A video of Tapa and Kim beating up ODB comes on the big screen, and EY leaves the ring.

The BroMans get the advantage on the Park. Robbie beats him down and chokes him in the ropes. He tags in Jesse who blows him back into the corner and hits a knee to the gut. He tags in Robbie and they try to double team him, but PArk fights out. He gets some momentum with some clotheslines and shoulder takedowns. Robbie cuts him off by the legs and Jesse picks them up and they hit the Hart Attack and get the three count.

Winner: The BroMans

The BroMans take a guard rail and come into the ring with it. They lay it down on its side and They hit teh Hart Attack onto the guard rail. They taunt in the ring and Tazz and Tenay talk about how they may have been excessive.

Samoa Joe comes into Dixie's office and says that he came here so they have an understanding. He says that AJ had a locker room full of friends, and he is here to make sure she understands what that means. He says that if she hopes to screw AJ, she will have to go through him. Dixie says he can't threaten her, but Joe says he doesn't threaten women. Dixie says he should be worried about his match tonight against her nephew. Joe smirks and says that her nephews blood is going to be on her hands.

We come back from ads and we see EY carrying an unconscious ODB outside. He goes by Sting and Sting says that this has got to be Dixie.

Storm is in the ring and he says their have been some actions lately between him and his partner, so he calls out Gunner. Gunner comes down with his briefcase. Storm says that he has had the opportunity to be a part of some of the best tag teams in wrestling. He says that what he learned all those years was to check your attitude and your ego at the door. There is one thing he has learned that tears tag teams apart, and that is the World Title.

Gunner says that they both were in that match, and they knew that one of them had the chance to be the winner of that case. Gunner says that he can keep his ego, he will keep the title shot. Storm says that they don't like referees, and they like to fight, so why don't they hang the case up, because he doesn't think he can beat him again. Gunner agrees to the match and Storm leaves the ring.

We see EC3 in the back jumping Samoa Joe and we go to ads.

We come back and EC3 and Joe are battling on the entrance ramp. Joe beats EC3 all the way to the ring and the match starts.

Ethan Carter III vs Samoa Joe

EC3 lands some punches and puts Joe face first into the mat a few times with facebusters. He locks in a cravat, but Joe gets up and hits a discus forearm and an inverted atomic drop followed up with a boot and a senton. He dumps EC3 into the corner and hits a side senton/back kick combo. EC3 hits a dropkick to the knee of Joe and begins to work over Joe's knee.

EC3 clmibs the top rope, but Joe cuts him off and hits a chop and goes for the Musclebuster, but Spud comes down and holds onto Joes leg. Joe lets go of EC3 and goes after Spud. EC3 comes from behind with an obviously fake wrench and hits Joe with it. The refs call for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Samoa Joe

After the match, the refs are checking on Joe, he stares back at EC3 and Spud, who are celebrating on the stage.

JB is in the back with Kurt Angle. Angle says that he has made a steel cage open challenge, in preparation for his match at Genesis. He sayst that whoever gets in the ring with him, Angle will only see Bobby Roode.

AJ is shown brooding in the back and staring at his world title. Tenay call it "a moment of reflection."

We get a recap of all the other wrestlers getting taken out by heels.

A doctor is working on Joe, and the doctor says that Joe has a potential fracture, and he needs to leave the Impact Zone. Joe is showing some obvious frustration, that he has to leave.

We see Storm and Gunner lying unconscious, Sting comes by and goes and finds Dixie. He finds her and says that is that what it is going to become? A bunch of hits? He says Dixie can still change, and this doesn't have to be this way. Dixie says she will stop when AJ is carried out on a stretcher. Sting asks what happened to her and Dixie says she is the boss, and he has a match tonight.

We go back to the ring and a steel cage has been set up. Angle comes down to the ring for his open challenge. Bobby Roode comes out and teases answering the open challenge. Roode starts walking to the ring, but says that in seven days, him and Angle will be locked inside the cage, and he will prove to the entire world, that he is better than Angle. And when he beats him, his TNA HOF induction will be gone forever. But for tonight, he has an open challenge, and he said the only person he is going to see is Bobby Roode, well, take a good long look, because here he is. Roode teases entering the cage, but he says that would be just plain stupid, and that Kurt is going to have to wait for next week. However, he found someone who hates him just as much as he does, in fact, he found two guys. His opponents will be Kazarian and Daniels.

Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle vs Bad Influence

Angle bats on Daniels while he is getting through the door and goes for Kaz, who is coming over the top. Daniels cuts him off with a low blow, and they both start taking out Angle. They double team Angle and take him into the cage multiple times. Kaz punches him in the face and goes to taunt, but Angle gets Daniels in the ankle lock. Kaz quickly breaks it up and they re-assert their advantage.

Kaz hits a running neckbreaker for a two count. Daniels goes for the cover and gets the same result. They tease Angle and beat him into the ropes. They whip him off, but Kurt fights back and hits a back body drop on Angle. He gets a small package on Daniels, but KAz holds the ref to prevent him from counting. Angle comes over and eats a clothesline from Kaz. They start to beat on Angle on the corner. Daniels hits a scoop slam and Kaz hits a wonderful springboard leg drop for a two count.

Daniels locks in a headlock and hits a series of elbows to the neck. Angle fights out and hits a series of forearms and cltoheslines. He hits a belly to belly suplex on Kaz and two german suplexes on Daniels. He catches Kaz who does some great jumping to sell two more germans. Angle hits another german on Daniels and Kaz an goes for the Angle slam on Daniels, but Kaz catches him. They throw him into the corner, but Angle dumps Daniels into the steel and he runs up and catches Kaz trying to climb over the top. He hits a super german suplex on Kaz, who flies over and takes out Daniels. Kurt his the angle slam on Daniels and gets the three count.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Dixie is shown on the back demanding that they leave the cage up. She is approached by Roode, and asks him if he is ready for the cage match. He says he doesn't really want to wrestle Kurt tonight, but Dixie says that it is with Sting. Roode starts freaking out, but Dixie says she needs him to be a team player, and that she has him covered.

We see Kurt Angle taking pictures in the back with some kids. Al Snow comes by and says that he has to get him to the airport right away and that it is an emergency. Kurt gets in the car and they leave.

Roode comes down for his match against Sting. Sting follows him and enters the cage.

Steel Cage Match: Sting vs Bobby Roode

The bell rings and they lock up. Stings locks him into the corner and gives him a clean break. Roode locks in a headlock and scores with a shoulder tackle, but Sting gets up and hits a hip toss. Sting counters an attempt to throw him into the cage, and tosses Roode into the cage. Stings comes in for a stinger splash, but Roode gets his boots up and begins to beat on Sting.

Roode hits a high elbow for a two count. He hits a vertical suplex and gets another two count. He mounts Sting an delivers some stiff right hands. Roode opens the door and is almost out, but Sting grabs his leg and drags him back in. He whips Sting into the corner and pounds him down some more. Roode hits a running forearm in the corner, and goes for a second one but Sting gets the boot up. Sting comes out of the corner but Roode hit the Double-R spindebister for a two count.

Roode begins climbing the cage, but Sting cuts him off and brings him back down to the top turnbuckkle. Stings press slams Roode off of the top rope and hits two clotheslines. He tosses Roode into the cage twice face first. The crowd chants one more time and Sting obliges. Sting hits a stinger splash and hits another one. Sting kicks Roode down and goes for the Scorpion Deathlock, but Roode fights out of it and goes for his firemans carry finisher, but Sting pops out and hits the Scorpion deathdrop. Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock.

EC3 and Spund come down to the ring and EC3 starts scaling the cage. Spud throws Roode some steel object and Roode hits Sting with it. EC3 gets off the cage and Roode climbs out the door for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

We get a recap from Anderson showing up earlier at a funeral home, but we got to ads as we see him going into the home.

We come back from the break and we get a recap from the segment last week where Bully Ray almost lit Anderson on fire. We then see Anderson walking around an empty funeral home. Ray is shown in the back of the home, and Anderson says that they should finsh this. Ray says that if he wanted to finish it, he would have done it last week, and he takes out the lighter. He says that would have been to forgiving. Bully says that Anderson took everything from him, and that he cannot fathom how much damage he has done to Bully. He says that he wants his pain to encompass his life.

Bully says that Anderson put his colors in that coffin, and that Bully put something in there for him. Anderson checks and it is a pair of pink and blue baby pajama outfits, Anderson looks confused and we go back to the Impact Zone.

We get another recap of all the faces being beaten down from tongiht. We then see Dixie in the back, but Sting comes in and says that nothing can stop him from stopping her from taking the title off of AJ Styles. Dixie says that it is contract time, and every year she renews it without a care. Sting asks her if she really things she can buy him with money? She says that does she really think that AJ would give up his contract for Sting? She leaves Sting in her office.

We get another recap of AJ walking out and MAgnus becoming the new champion.

AJ Styles comes out first for the Title match. Magnus comes out second, alone without Dixie or Spud or EC3.

No Disqualification Match for TNA World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles vs Magnus

They tease locking up, but Magnus ducks out of the ring. Magnus gets back in the ring, and AJ comes closer, but Magnus gets out again. He takes his time getting back in and EC3 and Spud just run down to the ring and just start attacking AJ. Aj fights out and clears the ring, Magnus tries to come in and eats a gut kick. AJ goes for the Styles clash, but EC3 comes in and clotheslines him. Spud and EC3 continue to beat down AJ.

Sting comes down to the ring and him and AJ work to clear the ring. AJ takes out Magnus and chops him right out of the ring and AJ and STing are standing back to back in the ring as we go to ads.

We come back and both AJ and Magnus are in the ring about to lock up. The BroMans and Zema come down and attack Sting and AJ. Ion hits a tornado DDT, and Magnus comes over for the pin but kicks out at two. The BroMans hit the Hart Attack, but Earl Hebner makes an insanely slow count, and AJ kicks out at two. They continue to beat down AJ in the corner, but Sting gets in the ring and clears out everyone but Robbie E. AJ hits a firemans carry into a neckbreaker on Robbie. He goes for a STyles Clash on Magnus, but Bad Influcence come in and break it up. They hit their finisher on AJ and Magnus goes for the cover. Earl Hebner refuses to make the count and goes to leave the ring.

Dixie comes down with Brian Hebner and sends him in the ring. Bad Influence hits Total Elimination and Magnus goes for another cover, but AJ kicks out again at two. Sting takes out the BroMans and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock on EC3. Magnus tries for the coverleaf, but AJ kicks him out of the ring. AJ takes them both out and him and Sting begin to tee off of both men. THey toss them together into the corner and a stinger splash/flying forearm combo.

Magnus comes back in, but AJ gets him in the calf slicer. Magnus is about to tap, but Kaz jumps Hebner and toss him out of the ring. AJ hits some insane offense to get rid of Bad Influence and he hits Styles Clash on MAgnus. He goes for the cover, but there is no ref. Earl Hebner comes back down and starts to count, but Bad Influence pull him out of the ring. AJ hits a plancha on Bad Influence and climbs the top rope. Roode comes down and tosses AJ off the top. He hits his firemans carry finisher twice on AJ and goes for it a third time and connects.

Magnus goes for the cover and Dixie drags out a THIRD ref, Brian STiffler. Stiffler hits the ring and begrudgingly counts the three.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Magnus

Dixie and Magnus celebrate in the ring with Spud and EC3 as Impact goes off the air.

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