TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge World Title Match, Cage Matches And More

TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge World Title Match, Cage Matches And More

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Impact opens with a video recapping Magnus winning the world title and aligning with Dixie Carter. We see AJ Styles coming in from last week and challenging Magnus to a title match tonight.

We cut to the Impact Zone and Dixie Carter is coming down to the ring. She has a clipboard in her hand and she says that she is not going to waste anymore of her breath talking to AJ Styles. She has a contract and asks him to come out and sign it. AJ comes down to the ring with his world title belt. Dixie cuts him off from saying anything and she says that he just needs to sign it. The contract is for one night, and one match only, vs Magnus tonight, winner take all. Dixie says she is giving him a lot in this contract, and the only thing she wants is for this match to be a No DQ match. She says she needs that clause because she needs to make sure she never sees him again. She says after the match, she wants to see him bloody, beaten, and carried out.

AJ says that she has a lot of confidence in her paper champion, but she had a lot of confidence in Bully Ray, and he beat him. He says that when he beats Magnus, he will be the undisputed champion, and there will be no more stupid Dixieland matches. He says that if she thinks for one second that her cronies are going to come down to the ring and cost him the match, there are a bunch of boys in the back have his back, and they hate her just as much as he does.

Dixie says that she gave him anything, and those boys didn't sign the check and put food on the family. Those boys don't do any of that, she owns them, and after tonight she will break him.
Aj says that she doesn't get it, she doesn't get wrestling, and the belt never got more recognition and respect when he took it away from her. Maybe Magnus would realize that if he took his head out from underneath her skirt.

Magnus comes down and tells Dixie to leave the ring. She obliges and Magnus says that is the last time he is ever going to call him a paper champion. His time is up in TNA, and he loves how he talks about the boys in the back, but the last thing he remembers is AJ running away with the Championship. He had a good run, but all good things must come to an end, and tonight, he ends AJ. He says that only one man will be victorious, and that man is Magnus. He leaves the ring.

AJ catches him before he leaves and says he didn't get here taking the short cuts. It was 11 years it took to get to this world title, his blood, his sweat and his tears. He says unlike Magnus, he is going to walk out of here with his respect and dignity, with the championship. and then what is Dixie Carter going to do? AJ tells Magnus to "Take your lips off her (expletive) and ask her.

We come back from commercial and we see Dixie talking to Gail Kim and Lei'd Tapa in the back. She says this is very important, and Tapa needs to "get this." Dixie leaves and Gail turns to Tapa and asks her if she knows what she has to do, and Tapa nods.

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