TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge World Title Match, Cage Matches And More

Joseph Park and EY come down to the ring. Dixie is shown talking to the BroMans backstage, and they say they are good to do whatever Dixie wants them to do. Zema Ion is then shown on his DJ stage, and he does his usual animated intro for the BroMans.

Eric Young and Joseph Park vs The BroMans

Ey and Robbie start it off. EY gets the advantage and hist a cross body. Jesse comes in and eats a belly to belly suplex. EY tags in PArk and and he scoop slams Robbie. A video of Tapa and Kim beating up ODB comes on the big screen, and EY leaves the ring.

The BroMans get the advantage on the Park. Robbie beats him down and chokes him in the ropes. He tags in Jesse who blows him back into the corner and hits a knee to the gut. He tags in Robbie and they try to double team him, but PArk fights out. He gets some momentum with some clotheslines and shoulder takedowns. Robbie cuts him off by the legs and Jesse picks them up and they hit the Hart Attack and get the three count.

Winner: The BroMans

The BroMans take a guard rail and come into the ring with it. They lay it down on its side and They hit teh Hart Attack onto the guard rail. They taunt in the ring and Tazz and Tenay talk about how they may have been excessive.

Samoa Joe comes into Dixie's office and says that he came here so they have an understanding. He says that AJ had a locker room full of friends, and he is here to make sure she understands what that means. He says that if she hopes to screw AJ, she will have to go through him. Dixie says he can't threaten her, but Joe says he doesn't threaten women. Dixie says he should be worried about his match tonight against her nephew. Joe smirks and says that her nephews blood is going to be on her hands.

We come back from ads and we see EY carrying an unconscious ODB outside. He goes by Sting and Sting says that this has got to be Dixie.

Storm is in the ring and he says their have been some actions lately between him and his partner, so he calls out Gunner. Gunner comes down with his briefcase. Storm says that he has had the opportunity to be a part of some of the best tag teams in wrestling. He says that what he learned all those years was to check your attitude and your ego at the door. There is one thing he has learned that tears tag teams apart, and that is the World Title.

Gunner says that they both were in that match, and they knew that one of them had the chance to be the winner of that case. Gunner says that he can keep his ego, he will keep the title shot. Storm says that they don't like referees, and they like to fight, so why don't they hang the case up, because he doesn't think he can beat him again. Gunner agrees to the match and Storm leaves the ring.

We see EC3 in the back jumping Samoa Joe and we go to ads.

We come back and EC3 and Joe are battling on the entrance ramp. Joe beats EC3 all the way to the ring and the match starts.

Ethan Carter III vs Samoa Joe

EC3 lands some punches and puts Joe face first into the mat a few times with facebusters. He locks in a cravat, but Joe gets up and hits a discus forearm and an inverted atomic drop followed up with a boot and a senton. He dumps EC3 into the corner and hits a side senton/back kick combo. EC3 hits a dropkick to the knee of Joe and begins to work over Joe's knee.

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