TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge World Title Match, Cage Matches And More

EC3 clmibs the top rope, but Joe cuts him off and hits a chop and goes for the Musclebuster, but Spud comes down and holds onto Joes leg. Joe lets go of EC3 and goes after Spud. EC3 comes from behind with an obviously fake wrench and hits Joe with it. The refs call for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Samoa Joe

After the match, the refs are checking on Joe, he stares back at EC3 and Spud, who are celebrating on the stage.

JB is in the back with Kurt Angle. Angle says that he has made a steel cage open challenge, in preparation for his match at Genesis. He sayst that whoever gets in the ring with him, Angle will only see Bobby Roode.

AJ is shown brooding in the back and staring at his world title. Tenay call it "a moment of reflection."

We get a recap of all the other wrestlers getting taken out by heels.

A doctor is working on Joe, and the doctor says that Joe has a potential fracture, and he needs to leave the Impact Zone. Joe is showing some obvious frustration, that he has to leave.

We see Storm and Gunner lying unconscious, Sting comes by and goes and finds Dixie. He finds her and says that is that what it is going to become? A bunch of hits? He says Dixie can still change, and this doesn't have to be this way. Dixie says she will stop when AJ is carried out on a stretcher. Sting asks what happened to her and Dixie says she is the boss, and he has a match tonight.

We go back to the ring and a steel cage has been set up. Angle comes down to the ring for his open challenge. Bobby Roode comes out and teases answering the open challenge. Roode starts walking to the ring, but says that in seven days, him and Angle will be locked inside the cage, and he will prove to the entire world, that he is better than Angle. And when he beats him, his TNA HOF induction will be gone forever. But for tonight, he has an open challenge, and he said the only person he is going to see is Bobby Roode, well, take a good long look, because here he is. Roode teases entering the cage, but he says that would be just plain stupid, and that Kurt is going to have to wait for next week. However, he found someone who hates him just as much as he does, in fact, he found two guys. His opponents will be Kazarian and Daniels.

Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle vs Bad Influence

Angle bats on Daniels while he is getting through the door and goes for Kaz, who is coming over the top. Daniels cuts him off with a low blow, and they both start taking out Angle. They double team Angle and take him into the cage multiple times. Kaz punches him in the face and goes to taunt, but Angle gets Daniels in the ankle lock. Kaz quickly breaks it up and they re-assert their advantage.

Kaz hits a running neckbreaker for a two count. Daniels goes for the cover and gets the same result. They tease Angle and beat him into the ropes. They whip him off, but Kurt fights back and hits a back body drop on Angle. He gets a small package on Daniels, but KAz holds the ref to prevent him from counting. Angle comes over and eats a clothesline from Kaz. They start to beat on Angle on the corner. Daniels hits a scoop slam and Kaz hits a wonderful springboard leg drop for a two count.

Daniels locks in a headlock and hits a series of elbows to the neck. Angle fights out and hits a series of forearms and cltoheslines. He hits a belly to belly suplex on Kaz and two german suplexes on Daniels. He catches Kaz who does some great jumping to sell two more germans. Angle hits another german on Daniels and Kaz an goes for the Angle slam on Daniels, but Kaz catches him. They throw him into the corner, but Angle dumps Daniels into the steel and he runs up and catches Kaz trying to climb over the top. He hits a super german suplex on Kaz, who flies over and takes out Daniels. Kurt his the angle slam on Daniels and gets the three count.

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