TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge World Title Match, Cage Matches And More

Winner: Kurt Angle

Dixie is shown on the back demanding that they leave the cage up. She is approached by Roode, and asks him if he is ready for the cage match. He says he doesn't really want to wrestle Kurt tonight, but Dixie says that it is with Sting. Roode starts freaking out, but Dixie says she needs him to be a team player, and that she has him covered.

We see Kurt Angle taking pictures in the back with some kids. Al Snow comes by and says that he has to get him to the airport right away and that it is an emergency. Kurt gets in the car and they leave.

Roode comes down for his match against Sting. Sting follows him and enters the cage.

Steel Cage Match: Sting vs Bobby Roode

The bell rings and they lock up. Stings locks him into the corner and gives him a clean break. Roode locks in a headlock and scores with a shoulder tackle, but Sting gets up and hits a hip toss. Sting counters an attempt to throw him into the cage, and tosses Roode into the cage. Stings comes in for a stinger splash, but Roode gets his boots up and begins to beat on Sting.

Roode hits a high elbow for a two count. He hits a vertical suplex and gets another two count. He mounts Sting an delivers some stiff right hands. Roode opens the door and is almost out, but Sting grabs his leg and drags him back in. He whips Sting into the corner and pounds him down some more. Roode hits a running forearm in the corner, and goes for a second one but Sting gets the boot up. Sting comes out of the corner but Roode hit the Double-R spindebister for a two count.

Roode begins climbing the cage, but Sting cuts him off and brings him back down to the top turnbuckkle. Stings press slams Roode off of the top rope and hits two clotheslines. He tosses Roode into the cage twice face first. The crowd chants one more time and Sting obliges. Sting hits a stinger splash and hits another one. Sting kicks Roode down and goes for the Scorpion Deathlock, but Roode fights out of it and goes for his firemans carry finisher, but Sting pops out and hits the Scorpion deathdrop. Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock.

EC3 and Spund come down to the ring and EC3 starts scaling the cage. Spud throws Roode some steel object and Roode hits Sting with it. EC3 gets off the cage and Roode climbs out the door for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

We get a recap from Anderson showing up earlier at a funeral home, but we got to ads as we see him going into the home.

We come back from the break and we get a recap from the segment last week where Bully Ray almost lit Anderson on fire. We then see Anderson walking around an empty funeral home. Ray is shown in the back of the home, and Anderson says that they should finsh this. Ray says that if he wanted to finish it, he would have done it last week, and he takes out the lighter. He says that would have been to forgiving. Bully says that Anderson took everything from him, and that he cannot fathom how much damage he has done to Bully. He says that he wants his pain to encompass his life.

Bully says that Anderson put his colors in that coffin, and that Bully put something in there for him. Anderson checks and it is a pair of pink and blue baby pajama outfits, Anderson looks confused and we go back to the Impact Zone.

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