TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge World Title Match, Cage Matches And More

We get another recap of all the faces being beaten down from tongiht. We then see Dixie in the back, but Sting comes in and says that nothing can stop him from stopping her from taking the title off of AJ Styles. Dixie says that it is contract time, and every year she renews it without a care. Sting asks her if she really things she can buy him with money? She says that does she really think that AJ would give up his contract for Sting? She leaves Sting in her office.

We get another recap of AJ walking out and MAgnus becoming the new champion.

AJ Styles comes out first for the Title match. Magnus comes out second, alone without Dixie or Spud or EC3.

No Disqualification Match for TNA World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles vs Magnus

They tease locking up, but Magnus ducks out of the ring. Magnus gets back in the ring, and AJ comes closer, but Magnus gets out again. He takes his time getting back in and EC3 and Spud just run down to the ring and just start attacking AJ. Aj fights out and clears the ring, Magnus tries to come in and eats a gut kick. AJ goes for the Styles clash, but EC3 comes in and clotheslines him. Spud and EC3 continue to beat down AJ.

Sting comes down to the ring and him and AJ work to clear the ring. AJ takes out Magnus and chops him right out of the ring and AJ and STing are standing back to back in the ring as we go to ads.

We come back and both AJ and Magnus are in the ring about to lock up. The BroMans and Zema come down and attack Sting and AJ. Ion hits a tornado DDT, and Magnus comes over for the pin but kicks out at two. The BroMans hit the Hart Attack, but Earl Hebner makes an insanely slow count, and AJ kicks out at two. They continue to beat down AJ in the corner, but Sting gets in the ring and clears out everyone but Robbie E. AJ hits a firemans carry into a neckbreaker on Robbie. He goes for a STyles Clash on Magnus, but Bad Influcence come in and break it up. They hit their finisher on AJ and Magnus goes for the cover. Earl Hebner refuses to make the count and goes to leave the ring.

Dixie comes down with Brian Hebner and sends him in the ring. Bad Influence hits Total Elimination and Magnus goes for another cover, but AJ kicks out again at two. Sting takes out the BroMans and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock on EC3. Magnus tries for the coverleaf, but AJ kicks him out of the ring. AJ takes them both out and him and Sting begin to tee off of both men. THey toss them together into the corner and a stinger splash/flying forearm combo.

Magnus comes back in, but AJ gets him in the calf slicer. Magnus is about to tap, but Kaz jumps Hebner and toss him out of the ring. AJ hits some insane offense to get rid of Bad Influence and he hits Styles Clash on MAgnus. He goes for the cover, but there is no ref. Earl Hebner comes back down and starts to count, but Bad Influence pull him out of the ring. AJ hits a plancha on Bad Influence and climbs the top rope. Roode comes down and tosses AJ off the top. He hits his firemans carry finisher twice on AJ and goes for it a third time and connects.

Magnus goes for the cover and Dixie drags out a THIRD ref, Brian STiffler. Stiffler hits the ring and begrudgingly counts the three.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Magnus

Dixie and Magnus celebrate in the ring with Spud and EC3 as Impact goes off the air.

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