WWE Smackdown Recap: Punk And The New Age Outlaws Vs. The Shield, Langston Vs. Orton, More

The Outlaws come out for their entrance as things go to commercial.

CM Punk and The New Age Outlaws vs. The Shield

Punk and Ambrose start off. They tie up and Punk backs Ambrose to the corner. The ref breaks them up. They lock up again, and Ambrose takes Punk to the mat. Punk reverses into a head scissors. Ambrose gets out, and Punk takes him back to the mat. James tags in. He rams his shoulder into Ambrose's gut. Gunn tags in. He goes to work on Ambrose's arm. Ambrose gets out and tags in Rollins. Gunn lands an arm drag and locks in Rollins's arm. James tags back in and kicks Rollins in the chest. He works on Rollins's arm as well. Punk tags in. He drops an elbow on Rollins's arm. Rollins fights back with a right hand to the face. Ambrose tags in, and Punk drop toe holds him. Ambrose backs Punk into the corner and hits right hands to the head. He drags Punk's face across the top rope. Punk goes for a kick, and Ambrose ducks it and slides out of the ring.

Rollins and Reigns try and get involved. Punk rolls between them and the Outlaws hit strikes to the head. They send Rollins and Reigns out of the ring as things go to commercial. Back from commercial and Ambrose is in control of James. He whips James. James hits head shots. Rollins tags himself in. He hits James with a flying knee to the head. Reigns tags in. He kicks James in the corner. Ambrose tags in. He stomps James in the chest. Ambrose lands a big right hand to the side of the head. He hits James with several more strikes. Rollins tags in and hits a dropkick. He locks in James's head from behind. James gets to his feet and fights out via elbows to the mid section. Rollins slams James face first into the turnbuckle.

Rollins stomps James repeatedly. Ambrose tags in and lands forearms to the face. He stomps on James's fingers and rams his shoulder into his gut in the corner. Reigns tags in and locks in James's head. Reigns whips James, and James counters with a DDT. Rollins tags in and hits Gunn off the apron. James backdrops Rollins. Punk and Ambrose tag in. Punk has the hot tag. He hits Ambrose with his swinging neckbreaker and corner high knee. Punk lands a crossbody and picks Ambrose up for the GTS. Ambrose gets out and tries to hit the headlock driver. Punk gets out, and they both go for a crossbody at the same time.

Gunn and Reigns tag in. Gunn takes it to Reigns. Ambrose and Rollins try and get involved, and Punk and James stop them. Punk ends up taking out Rollins on the outside with a dive. Gunn goes for the famouser on Ambrose, and Reigns spears him in mid air for the win.

Winners: The Shield

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