Thanks to WrestlingINC readers Rick Smiley ( @RickSmiley27 ) and Nathan Colley for sending in these results from last night's WWE live event in Buffalo, NY. Also, thanks to Rick for the photo above from the event:

We see Rybaxel backstage talking about how they don't care who they face tonight because they have three rules: 1) They always win 2) They never lose 3) Even when they lose, they win.

* The Primetime Players defeated Ryback & Curtis Axel

The fans voted for the next match, the choices were a Divas match or a Divas dance off. The Divas match won.

* The Bella Twins defeated Alicia Fox & Aksana.

* Alberto del Rio defeated Sin Cara via submission with the cross armbreaker. Before Sin Cara came to ring, ADR got on the mic and cut a Royal Rumble promo calling out Batista, which got a nice pop from the rather dull Buffalo crowd.

Then while Sin Cara was in ring injured, The Real Americans came running into the ring and beat down Sin Cara. While Zeb was doing a speech about Sin Cara not heeding their warnings about leaving the USA along with other illegal Aliens, Goldust and Cody Rhodes come to the ring in a match for the titles.

* WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust defeated The Real Americans. Great entertaining match. Jack Swagger had the ankle lock on Rhodes for about a minute, then Cody ended up countering into Cross Rhodes.

There was a Randy Orton promo about his match with Cena and how he's the face of WWE.


* Los Matadores (w/ El Torito) defeated 3MB. Most people, including myself weren't back to our seats for the majority of this match.

* Kane (normal red outfit, unmasked) defeated Zack Ryder in a rather sloppy match by both, although really sloppy by Ryder. Kane then calls out "any wrestler in back." The Big Show comes out to the second largest pop of the night (Cena, of course) and beat Kane quickly when Kane grabbed a chair but Show caught him with a WMD as Kane swung the chair. Then Brad Maddox came out yelling at Kane for creating a match "without prior approval" and then at Big Show for "wrestling whoever he wants, whenever he wants." During Maddox's tirade, Show chokeslams him.

* John Cena defeated WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton via DQ (low blow) but retains belt(s). Really good match. Multiple escaped finishers by both. Ref took a bump and while down Cena gets Orton to tap with a STF so Cena thinks he won the title but sees the ref down. They go back and forth a bit then ref gets up as soon as Orton hits Cena with a low blow. Ref sees this and calls a DQ. After Orton started leaving up the ramp, he looks back at the injured Cena and decided to go back to RKO Cena, Cena ducks and hits Orton with an Attitude Adjustment. Cena music plays: crowd starts heading for the exits.

Overall, good show.

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