Source: WWE has an interview with Jake "The Snake" Roberts at this link, where he talked about his road to recovery and returning to RAW this past Monday night. Jake said Diamond Dallas Page called him on the Saturday before the show and told him that WWE wanted to talk to him about "an opportunity."

Jake noted that Page, Triple H, Vince McMahon, talent executive Mark Carrano, and the person that arranged his travel were the only people that knew he would be at the show. He was flown into a different airport than the other wrestlers, and was hidden in a bus for most of the day until 10 minutes before he hit the ring. He was given food and a number to call if he needed anything.

Jake also talked about appearing on RAW, and his appreciation for how CM Punk handled the segment.

"I appreciate CM Punk so much more now than I ever have," Roberts said. "He kneeled down over at the side, got completely out of the picture and allowed me to have that moment. It was incredible. It shows people what a true professional he is. He really raised himself up on my list of people that I respect."

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