Source: The Dothan Eagle

The Dothan Eagle recently spoke with TNA star James Storm to promote this weekend's TNA live events. Here are some highlights from the Q&A:

Eagle: One of the things I've noticed on Impact in recent months has been a reduced focus on the tag teams. What needs to be done to bring the division back to prominence?

"To me, it's just giving them a chance. We proved that with the Motor City Machine Guns, Team 3D, Beer Money and teams like Ink Inc. They gave the tag team division the ball, and we made the best of it. They need to believe in the guys they put out there. To me, there needs to be more teams, not guys just thrown together, but guys you can relate to. Me and Bobby were thrown together, but we made it work as a tag team. It just takes time, and with the new format of professional wrestling, it's kind of hard to give that much time to a specific area."

Eagle: You're a TNA original. What is it that's kept you dedicated to the company for nearly 12 years, through thick and thin?

"The people. Jeff Jarrett was here a long time, and also (TNA President) Dixie Carter. She's a great boss, very family oriented, and she listens to the wrestlers. We can go to her and talk if we have a problem, which is very cool. TNA was very loyal to me when I had the opportunity to do other things."

Eagle: There have been plenty of rumors about TNA's status over the past year. What is the state of the company right now, and what do you see on the horizon?

"Honestly, that's above my pay grade, but Dixie Carter always looks after her wrestlers and does what's best for the company. It's not just wrestlers' job, it's hers too."

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