Thanks to reader Scott Nied for sending in these results from last night's WWE live event at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY. Also, thanks to Justin Jones for sending the photo above from last night's show:

* R-Truth defeated Fandango. Truth worked the crowd great. The whole place was chanting "What's Up". Summer Rae distracting did not help Fandango.

* An Alexander Rusov interview video was played, and then he came out to face Justin Gabriel. Chants of "USA" filled the arena. Gabriel looked looked fit and had a tremendous back flip off top rope. Rusov won it with a camel clutch tap-out.

* Triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship: Big E Langston vs. Damien Sandow vs. Jack Swagger. Sandow insulted the crowd at his intro and was loudly booed. Crowd was responsive to the Swagger's "We The People" salutes and cheered for Big E. Sandow and Swagger worked together to wear out Big E. Then they beat on each other to stop the other one from pinning Big E as Big E wore down. Finally, the Big Ending was administered to Sandow to keep the title as Swagger was laying outside ring after crashing into steel steps.

Before the next match, the house lights went out. WWE security went out to the ring to check something while the arena was dark. Lights came back on.

* The Divas were next: AJ Lee and Tamina vs. Natalya and Emma. Crowd excited for this high flying match. Natalya got AJ to submit with the sharpshooter.

* The Usos were introduced to loud cheers and were waiting in the ring for their opponents introduction. House lights went out again for 5 seconds. When they came back on, Harper and Rowan had emerged from under the ring and began beating both Usos down. The bell rang and the real match began. A good battle that the Usos finally won.

* After the intermission, it was The Miz vs. Bad News Barrett. Good reception for Miz. Barrett was booed, but gave a nice speech to rile up the crowd by insulting them worse than Sandow had. Miz had a nice comeback speech in the ring. Match had good energy, but then a rather weak pinfall count was obtained by Barrett for the win after a somewhat weak body slam.

* Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt in a steel cage match was next. The Wyatts theme music and the candle procession took place. The premise of this was that Bray was going to show the crowd that he had "total control" over Bryan. He ordered Bryan to submit. Bryan looked around as the "Yes" chants were in full force. He shook in his boots and began to fight against Bray. He was beating down Bray for several minutes until Rowan and Harper stepped in and started laying it on Bryan as Wyatt recuperated in the corner. The Usos then charged out and saved Bryan. As the Usos beat on Rowan and Harper, Bryan attacked the Usos. In the end, the Wyatt family and Bryan exited as a family with both Usos still laying on their backs in the ring gasping.

* CM Punk 3 on 1 handicap match vs. The Shield. A raucous ovation for Punk. Great match that lasted for about 15 minutes. Reigns went for spear outside of ring, Punk dodged it, and Reigns smashed into metal steps which moved the steps. It looked like a very hard hit. After some high-flying by both sides, Punk eventually pinned Ambrose. The crowd loved it. Punk then stayed in ring area for at least 10 minutes as his theme blared and then he high-fived (and signed about 10 autographs) every fan on all 4 sides of the ring and kept high-fiving all the way back through the curtain.

Westchester Center is small, I'd say there were 3,000 people here. The floor was full, the balcony was half-full. Great show.

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