- Roddy Piper is recording an interview with Steve Austin this afternoon and says it's time for the men in WWE to step up, also calling out The Honky Tonk Man. Piper tweeted this afternoon:

"In 2 hrs I will do Steve Austin"s Pod cast! I'm honored Steve asked me! Don't know Steve that well. Hope he knows what he's in for!"

"IT'S TIME FOR THE MEN TO STEP UP! 30 yrs of the @WWE some wrestlers bs'ed there way through (htm) and then there were the MEN! #letsroll"

- Ryback tweeted the following this afternoon but quickly deleted it:

"Just got to Raw big meeting going down. It is a great day cannot wait to head home. Thank you internet love me or hate me you are the best."

We noted last week that Vince McMahon and WWE officials were holding a meeting at RAW this afternoon to discuss the launch of the WWE Network with the roster.

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