- Though Chris Weidman defeated Anderson Silva for the second time when the MMA legend broke his leg during an exchange, Weidman hasn't had a problem claiming the victory. In a recent interview with Globo (via MMAFighting), Silva asserted that Weidman's win was the result of an accident, not skill.

"I believe that, if you pay attention to these technical details, you will see that (checking the kick) was instinct, not something that he trained to do," Silva said.

Beyond that, the former champ takes issue with Weidman accepting the win and thinks the fight would've gone his way if his leg hadn't broken.

"No, I don't think (Weidman should consider it a win). It was an accident," he said. "And I'm pretty sure I would have won the fight."

So far, the talk out of Silva's camp makes it sound like a return from the 38-year-old is inevitable - whether or not it's necessary.

- Opening up for the first time since he vacated his welterweight title, Georges St-Pierre revealed to the Ottawa Sun that he hasn't been spending his long holiday worrying about his controversial UFC 167 win over Johny Hendricks. St-Pierre, who is currently on an indefinite layoff from the sport following that win, explained that he agrees with the judges' decision and isn't anguishing over the outcome.

"I do believe I win the fight," he said. "I believe I win the first, third and fifth rounds. It was a very tough fight. In terms of scoring, it was probably the toughest fight I had. In terms of damage it was not the toughest fight. I was a very close fight. I know some people they score it on the other side and some people score it for me. I respect everybody's opinion. But I would not accept the belt and the title if I had not believed myself that I had won the fight."

Though he was asked about staying retired, St-Pierre didn't give any conclusive indication as to his future plans.

- Dana White and the UFC have gotten on the bad side of the 209 after accusing Nate Diaz of turning down a fight with surging lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov over Twitter. The UFC president alleged that "nobody wants to fight Khabib" and that "Nate turned the fight down."

Diaz quickly fired back, posting, "@danawhite @ufc are full of sh** I didn't turn down anything ..." Since then, Diaz's manager Mike Kogan has told MMAJunkie that the fighter is holding out for a title shot and isn't afraid of fighting Nurmagomedov.

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