WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Steel Cage Match Main Event, Randy Orton Snaps, More

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- Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with a vignette for The Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan. We get a look back at Bryan's first week with the Family. Have you heard the news? He now has a home. He has a home.

- We're live from the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island as The Usos wait in the ring. Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW.

Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt vs. The Usos

The lights go out, come back on and The Wyatt Family is just standing at ringside. Bray Wyatt is in his rocking chair. Bryan and Bray head to the ring.

Bryan starts off and goes at it with Jey Uso. Fans chant for Bryan. Bryan counters Uso and takes him down with a knee to the gut. Bryan unloads on Uso in the corner with kicks. Some fans are still chanting for Bryan. Bray comes in and continues stomping on Uso in the corner. Wyatt keeps control and headbutts Uso before tagging Bryan back in. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper watch from ringside. Bryan with more kicks on the ropes. Bryan chokes Uso as fans chant Bryan's name. Bryan with a big knee to the throat on the apron. Wyatt comes back in as Bryan catapults Uso under the bottom rope. Bray with more offense. Bray taunts Jimmy Uso and splashes Jey in the corner.

Bryan comes back in and keeps control of Uso with kicks. Bryan keeps Uso grounded now. Uso finally tags in Jimmy and he unloads on Bryan with clotheslines and a kick. Uso with a big Samoan Drop on Bryan. Uso with the back splash in the corner and a 2 count on Bryan as Bray breaks the pin. Uso tosses Bray over the top rope and backdrops Bryan onto him. The Usos nail a double suicide dive over the top rope. The Usos bring them back in the ring for a double Superfly Splash but Harper and Rowan attack them for the disqualification.

Winners by DQ: The Usos

- After the bell, Rowan and Harper beat The Usos down as Bryan and Bray recover. They double team Jey but he dodges a splash in the corner. Uso superkicks Bryan and escapes the ring. Bryan is the only one down in the ring. Bray yells at him to get on his feet. Fans chant for Bryan as he gets up and faces Bray. Bray whispers something in Bryan's ear and laughs. Bryan raises his hands in the air as fans start the "no" chant up. Bryan drops to his knees with his arms wide open. Bray grabs him, kisses him on the forehead and nails Sister Abigail. Bray says he does this for all of them. Rowan and Harper carry Bryan out of the ring and to the back as their music plays.

- Up next, John Cena will be in action. We go to commercial.

Damien Sandow vs. John Cena

Back from the break and Damien Sandow is making his entrance. We see footage from Sandow cashing in on John Cena back in October. Cena's music hits and out he comes to a big pop.

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