As noted earlier, WWE posted Michael Cole's latest interview with Triple H earlier today, which you can watch above. For those of you who haven't watched it, here are some notes from the interview:

- Michael Cole said that it was peculiar that Triple H and Stephanie weren't at RAW being so close to The Royal Rumble. Triple H stated that it was a busy week, and they have a lot of responsibilities. He noted that they weren't at Old School RAW, and wondered if there was a conspiracy theory that Cole was cooking up.

- Triple H brought up how conspiracy theories always seem to revolve around CM Punk and "his ridiculous paranoia." He said that while it's plausible that he has a relationship with the New Age Outlaws which led to them walking out on Punk, it's also plausible that two grown men can make their own decisions and not hang on his words. He said that Punk should look at himself and wonder why everyone walks out on him, and maybe there's a personality problem that he should fix. HHH said he has no problem with CM Punk, and that he actually likes him.

- Triple H said that Randy Orton attacking John Cena's father was an unfortunate situation that he wished didn't happen. He said that they're investigating the incident and it will be handled.

- As for The Ultimate Warrior's Hall of Fame induction, Triple H said that time heal all wounds and it's the right time. He noted that Warrior is one of the biggest icons that there has ever been, and he should be in the Hall of Fame. He said Warrior in the Hall of Fame is "best for business." He thinks Warrior's speech will be awesome, and that it will be worth the price of admission alone.

- Triple H finished the interview by hyping Batista's return on RAW this Monday night, and said that it is what "the whole world is waiting for."

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