Christopher Daniels Talks TNA's Early Days, Sting, Daniel Bryan, His First TNA Release, Hogan, Punk

I recently spoke with TNA Superstar Christopher Daniels. In the second part of the interview below, Daniels discussed working for ROH, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk's WWE success, starting with TNA, Sting, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff joining TNA, Vince Russo's criticism of him, his TNA departure in 2010 and much more.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the third and final part of our interview, where Daniels discussed AJ Styles leaving TNA, if the TNA sale rumors affected morale, being paired with Kazarian, Impact going back to Orlando, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan leaving, tomorrow's Genesis event and much more.

Click here for the first part of the interview, where Daniels discussed breaking into the business, working for the WWF and WCW, growing up as a wrestling fan, his most serious injury and much more.

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Wrestling Inc: You mentioned wrestling all over the world after WCW folded. How valuable do you think that kind of experience is, as far as traveling and working different styles, as opposed to what WWE is moving to now with home growing all of their talent?

Daniels: I think it's invaluable for guys to wrestle a variety of different people only because it gets them more comfortable with themselves. I tell young wrestlers all the time, they need to wrestle as many different people as they can for as many different promotions as they can so that they can get comfortable working with complete strangers for the very first time. A lot of times guys come up from schools and they've wrestled the same people over and over and over and they only get as good as the best person in that pool of people that they're working with. If you can't break out of that pool, if you don't get out of that small system, you're never going to get any better.

I think one of the things the WWE is doing in terms of that, to sort of offset that stagnation, is bring in different trainers, guys that have got that experience, and trying to teach them those different styles in house. Not being part of that, obviously I can't say for sure just because I'm not on the inside. But I know that guys like Norman Smiley, BG James and Billy Gunn and Joey Mercury, all these guys that have done training there, these guys have got experience around the world. So these different trainers, and even guys like William Regal, go in and try and train guys. They've got that experience and they can help these guys sort of learn that style that they have experience in in their careers.

Wrestling Inc: You also worked in ROH for a couple times. You had some great matches with Daniel Bryan, Bryan Danielson at the time, and CM Punk. What was it like working with them at the time? Did you see them going on to have the kind of success that they went on to have in WWE?

Daniels: I always knew that they had the potential for it, it was just a matter of what opportunities were going to come their way. There was a period of time where Bryan wasn't interested in working for the WWE. He just wanted to wrestle, and I guess he thought that the WWE wasn't the best place for him to sort of have the fun in professional wrestling that he wanted to have. I always knew that both of those guys were talented enough and definitely had the drive to be as good as they were. It was really just a matter of having that opportunity afforded to them. It ended up working in their favor and they both, once they were given that opportunity, they both have definitely made the most of those opportunities that were given.

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