Christopher Daniels Talks TNA's Early Days, Sting, Daniel Bryan, His First TNA Release, Hogan, Punk

Every time I would ask him, I would come back from a match or come back from a video or a promo, and ask him was that good? Was that what you wanted? And he goes yep, that was what I wanted. Good job. He would never tell me any direction to go. He never gave me any direction to be different. So when he finally said this isn't working out, it surprised me. I didn't know why it wasn't working. With him being the creative voice and not being able to direct, it sort of made it hard, for me anyway, in my experience with him, it was hard to move forward because I had no idea where he wanted me to go.

Wrestling Inc: It seemed like for a while there they were taking the Fallen Angel character, it seemed kind of limiting, like they didn't know where they wanted to go with it. But you did get to work with Sting. You said that he was one of your favorites growing up. What was that experience like?

Daniels: It was fun, man. Getting a chance to share a locker room with him was great, and then finally getting a chance to actually wrestle with him. It meant a lot to me. I thought it was a sign that the company hadů I thought it was definitely a sign that somebody had faith in me as a performer, to go out there with one of their top guys and have a singles match. The past couple years too, tagging with Frankie, I've worked a lot with Sting to the point that Sting has told me we're one of his two favorite guys to work with because we're easy to work with. We got out there and have a good time and put on some good matches with him. To sort of, get that nod of respect from him, it has a lot of merit in my eyes.

Wrestling Inc: What led to your release in 2010 from TNA?

Daniels: I think it was really just a matter of the way my contract was structured. At the time I wasn't quite sure what was going on. I thought that things were going well, but I knew that they weren't using me very often. It was partly creative and partly the structure of my contract. I was on the phone with Dixie after the fact, actually Dixie and Vince Russo, and they were like oh, we're going to bring you right back. We've got this idea, and I think some things happened while I was away that changed the idea. So, what I thought was going to be a couple months ended up being 16 months. It ended up being good for me because I ended up going back to Ring of Honor, having good matches with guys like Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, and I sort of found myself again, back in the wrestling ring, in terms of going out there and having the confidence to be out there with the top guys and have entertaining matches and quality wrestling.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the third and final part of our interview, where Daniels discussed AJ Styles leaving TNA, if the TNA sale rumors affected morale, being paired with Kazarian, Impact going back to Orlando, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan leaving, tomorrow's Genesis event and much more.

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