John Cena was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo last night. You can watch a highlight from the show in the video above, more clips are at this link. Here are some highlights:

- Cena promoted his new fitness program and cut a promo for The Royal Rumble.

- He gave a storyline answer about his relationship with Nikki Bella, saying it was "complicated" because of the comments made on Total Divas. He said that he "wants to be" dating Nikki and that he's in love with her, but that he has some issues to work out.

- He said that Randy Orton was not being able to fight anyone under 70. He also told a caller that his dad is doing fine.

- He was asked about Darren Young coming out, and if he thinks that there will be more WWE Superstars coming out. Cena said that he doesn't judge and that people have a right to live they way that they want. He said that Darren is a "wonderful performer" and "a great entertainer." He called Darren brave for coming out, and said that it was a bold move. Cena said that he was glad that Darren can be himself and that no one judges him in the company.

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