Christopher Daniels Talks AJ Styles, TNA Sale Rumors, Hogan Leaving, Bischoff, Genesis, Kazarian

Wrestling Inc: As far as you and Frankie, you go way back to UPW. Do you go back further than that, or was that where you guys met?

Daniels: He met me pretty close to when I moved out here to California in '97. He came back from the Massachusetts area. We were working on the independent scene out here. He and I met at Bill Anderson and Jesse Hernandez's The School of Hard Knocks. They had a school in San Bernardino, and so that was where I was driving to train every week to get my ring time in, and he and I met there. It wasn't soon after that that UPW started running and PWG started running, so he and I got to work a lot there. Plus, he started making his name on the east coast. He was doing stuff on the east coast, and that was sort of how he got involved with TNA, and once he was with TNA we started hanging out a lot more often.

Wrestling Inc: Were you guys pretty much tight the whole time? Or did you guys start to get closer once you started to team together?

Daniels: No, we were always close before, especially in TNA. We became close friends right when TNA actually moved from Nashville to Orlando because we were always on the same flights. So we were always hanging out. We ended up, him and myself and AJ and Samoa Joe, we were the four guys that were sort of hanging with each other just because we all got friendly with AJ and then Joe, who was also living in southern California, so the three of us were always on the same flights and we would always hang with AJ. So, that was where we all sort of became close friends.

Wrestling Inc: How did the idea for Bad Influence come about?

Daniels: Frankie and I, right around the end of 2011, we sort of saw the writing on the wall. There wasn't a real big tag team that was going on. They just split up Beer Money and the Motor City Machine Guns were struggling with injuries. So, especially with the way that Bobby and James had gone down, we saw an opportunity to try and be a tag team that they could build up. We were going through periods of time where we saw that there wasn't a big future for us in a singles light. They weren't using either one of us that often one on one. So we decided to pitch our idea to be a tag team, and they came back to us with an idea of going against AJ as the tag team. So while that was going on we just started jelling as a tag team.

Wrestling Inc: I know a lot of fans kind of compare you guys to Edge and Christian with you being… you're really good in the ring, but you can be goofy outside the ring and entertaining in your promos. Do you hear that comparison?

Daniels: I look to those guys, as far as their experience in the ring and what kind of, I guess the image they portrayed as a tag team. Not just that, but being great wrestlers and being entertaining, I think that was the goal. So that's one of the things that Frankie and I are very proud of, is that whether we have to go out on the microphone or we go out and have a wrestling match, we've shown that we can do both equally. There was actually, one of the shows in the past couple months, that was the segment where we did the EGO Hall of Fame, where I thought that we were very entertaining on the microphone and then two segments later Frankie and I had to go out there and wrestle Sting and Magnus in a tag match. I thought that match was actually very strong as well. I think that definitely encapsulated Bad Influence to a T, the ability to go out on the microphone and do an entertaining segment, and ten minutes later come out and wrestle a really good wrestling match. That's us.

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