Christopher Daniels Talks AJ Styles, TNA Sale Rumors, Hogan Leaving, Bischoff, Genesis, Kazarian

Wrestling Inc: What was it like being on the road when Impact went on the road and what are your feelings on returning back to Orlando for the tapings?

Daniels: I thought it was a good for us to move out on the road. There was a feeling of stagnation in the Impact Zone at that point because we were there every week. We had gone live every week for a couple months at that point and I felt like it was getting harder and harder to get a good response out of a live crowd. When we went on the road there was a feeling that we were going to get in front of a bunch of new eyes. There were periods of time with big shows where we were in front of live crowds and people that were really hungry to see the product. So that period of time was really good. But I also know that monetarily, it put a strain on the company. So going back to the Impact Zone, we just recently did the tapings to go through the holidays, I thought those went really well. We came back and we had some good crowds and I feel that the next couple of weeks will show that we had some great stuff happen in the ring. And now the new plan is sort of stay there and do TV tapings occasionally in different venues. I think that's the best of both worlds. We're going to have that central area in Orlando, that central location, but we're also going out every once in a while to do stuff around the United States. I feel like were going to try and keep the product fresh and not give anyone a chance to become numb to the product.

Wrestling Inc: What were your thoughts on Eric Bischoff leaving just recently? I know he had a big hand in TNA's creative direction in the past couple of years.

Daniels: I never had anything but good experiences with Eric. He was always a straight shooter with us, especially with Bad Influence. He was a big supporter of our act and I could always go to him with ideas and get an honest response from him. So I hope that he comes back and does stuff, and if he doesn't, I'm sure that wherever he ends up, he's going to end up being successful. But personally, selfishly speaking, I had fun working with him and I hope that he gets a chance to come back and sort of, continue adding his two cents to our creative direction.

Wrestling Inc: What were your thoughts of Hulk Hogan leaving?

Daniels: Same thing. I always had good experiences with Hulk. I had opportunities to be on camera with him and in the ring with him and I felt like he definitely wanted the best out of all of us. If he comes back, that'd be great, but if not, I understand. He's got his career that he still sort of wants to do and creative things he still wants to do in his life before he completely gets out of wrestling. Whatever's best for him, I wish him good luck.

Wrestling Inc: AJ Styles is now a free agent. He's someone that's been there since the beginning like you, like yourself. What are your thoughts on his departure, and what effect does that have?

Daniels: Well I hope, I'm not sure what his future is with TNA at this point. I'm not sure if he's done with the company, or if he's coming back, or what the situation is. But whatever happens, I've got nothing but respect for AJ. He's done a lot for this company, and if it ends up being that goes in a different direction than TNA, I wish him the best of luck as well. But, I definitely think that he's an asset to our company and there's always room, there's always a spot for him on the TNA roster and I feel like he should just do what is best for him. TNA's going to do what they think is best for TNA. I'm not sure what that is yet, so we'll find out.

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