Christopher Daniels Talks AJ Styles, TNA Sale Rumors, Hogan Leaving, Bischoff, Genesis, Kazarian

Wrestling Inc: Did the reports of TNA possibly being up for sale, or people being interested in purchasing a stake, did that have an effect on morale at all?

Daniels: Not really. I mean, it's sort of out of our wheelhouse to deal with the business end of it in that respect. If the company were to be sold to someone else who's interested in running the show, it would just be a matter of meeting the new owners and doing different things. But I feel like TNA at this point, Dixie Carter and Panda Energy, I feel like they're still behind us and I feel like they're actively still trying to make the best product that they can and still do their best. I feel like we're fine whichever happens. I feel like whether TNA stays with Panda Energy and the Carter family, or if they're sold, we're still going to try and put the best wrestling product out there.

Wrestling Inc: You're seeing Magnus get a big push now, who are some of the young stars in TNA that you see that could become big stars?

Daniels: I feel like Magnus is sort of coming into his own right now. Definitely guys still like Austin Aries and Chris Sabin are guys that are getting opportunities to stand out. Guys like the Bro Mans are doing well. Robbie E and Jessie are getting the opportunity as the tag champs to sort of come into their own as an act, so those guys come to mind.

Wrestling Inc: For a while there, the X Division was a big selling point. I think that brought in a lot of new fans, but it seems like it doesn't get pushed consistently enough. With the UFC, you see the lighter divisions drawing just as much as the heavyweight divisions and things like that. Do you think that could happen with the X Division, where it can be treated on the same level as the world title and kind of use that niche as something different?

Daniels: Yeah, absolutely. I feel like they've done it in the past where guys like Austin Aries and guys like Chris Sabin and guys like Manik, they were holding the belt and the top guys were going for the title, whether it was Jeff Hardy or Samoa Joe. It's just a matter of the athletes that are involved in the division. It's just a matter of getting a group of those guys together and putting the focus on that championship. I'm not sure what's happening in the next couple of months with the X Division Title, but I'm sure TNA is going to focus some emphasis on that as well.

Your style in the ring has not changed all that much. You've been in the business for a long time and you still go out there and have great matches. What do you attribute to your longevity?

Daniels: Stubbornness, just straight up stubbornness. This is what I love to do. It's how I earn my living and I still want to be one of the best in the business. So, I'm always pushing myself to stay in good shape and try and come up with ideas and different ways to continue to be relevant. The tag team right now with Frankie is still going strong and I still feel like it's one of the most entertaining parts of our show. The feedback that I get from the fans is that we're the reason that a lot of people watch TNA, to see what we're going to do next week every week. It's fun to have that sort of backing from the fans, knowing that we're the highlight of their Impact workweek, so to speak.

Wrestling Inc: You were on the very first TNA Genesis pay per view. You have TNA Genesis [tonight], but it's going to be free on Spike TV. WWE now has their network coming out. They're going to be moving their pay per views to the network. TV companies are now paying insane amounts for rights for sports. Do you think pay per view is starting to become a thing of the past, at least for pro wrestling?

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