WWE NXT Recap: Kofi Vs. Rusev, Breeze Vs. Neville, Rawley Vs. Dallas, Parker Vs. Jordan

Mojo Rawley vs. Bo Dallas

They shake hands before the match. Mojo shoves Bo across the ring and yells that he isn't hyped. They lock up, and Mojo shoves him across the ring again. Mojo locks in a side headlock. He connects with a shoulder tackle that sends Dallas stumbling out of the ring. Bo gets back into the ring and Mojo gets down in a lineman stance. Bo tries to go around him, and Mojo rolls in his way. Mojo charges Bo, and Bo bails to the apron. Bo gets back in the ring. They circle around each other. Bo clubs Mojo in the back and strikes him into the corner. Bo lands a back elbow. Bo kicks Mojo in the stomach and punches him in the head. He clubs Mojo in the back. Mojo comes back with headshots of his own. Mojo hits a trio of shoulder tackles. He hits Bo with a pair of flying splashes in the corner. Mojo bounds off the ropes, and Bo rolls to the apron. Mojo tosses him back inside. He goes for another flying corner splash, but Bo moves and rolls Mojo up for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Back from commercial and Lana comes out to announce Alexander Rusev.

Alexander Rusev (with Lana) vs. Kofi Kingston

Rusev backs Kofi to the corner. Kofi gets free and they circle each other. Kofi locks in a side headlock. He tries to take Rusev to the mat. Rusev stops him and tosses him across the ring. Kofi lands multiple kicks to the body. Rusev catches one of his kicks and shoves him to the mat. He hits Kofi with a shoulder tackle. Kofi counters with a back elbow. He leaps at Rusev in the corner. Rusev shoves him in mid air and Kofi collides with the mat. Rusev stomps Kofi in the chest and hits a back elbow in the corner. He rams his shoulder into Kofi's stomach. Kofi comes back with kicks and strikes. He tries to whip Rusev, but Rusev holds his ground and knees Kofi. He drives his shoulder into Kofi's gut again.

Rusev vice grips Kofi's shoulder. Kofi breaks free and back elbows Rusev. Rusev hits a knee to the stomach. He whips Kofi, and Kofi hangs onto the ropes. Rusev charges, and Kofi sends him outside. Kofi goes for a baseball slide kick through the ropes, but Rusev moves and connects with a kick of his own. He clubs Kofi in the back. Rusev whips Kofi towards the steel steps, but Kofi leaps over them. Kofi leaps off the steel steps and takes Rusev out as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Kofi has Rusev's arm and head locked in. Rusev backs into the corner to break the hold. Rusev goes for a body avalanche, but Kofi moves. Kofi leaps onto Rusev and punches him seven times. Rusev counters with a power bomb out of the corner. Rusev slams Kofi's head into the corner. He kicks Kofi in the chest. He charges Kofi and kicks him in the chest again. Rusev drops an elbow. Rusev does Ryback's arm pumps and the crowd chants feed me more. Kofi punches Rusev in the stomach. Rusev clubs him in the back. The crowd chants Goldberg briefly. Rusev places Kofi's upper torso and head between the middle and top ropes and clubs him in the head repeatedly.

The ref forces Rusev to back off. Rusev pulls Kofi away from the ropes and drops a headbutt on Kofi's chest. He vice grips Kofi's shoulder as the crowd does the wave. Kofi gets out and head scissors Rusev against the ropes. Kofi hits chops to the chest. He dropkicks Rusev and goes for a crossbody, but Rusev catches him. He takes Kofi to the ropes and knees him in the mid section. Rusev goes for a Samoan drop, but Kofi counters into a pin attempt. Rusev rams Kofi into the corner and charges. Kofi goes to the apron and kicks Rusev in the head. Kofi goes for another crossbody, but Rusev catches him again and connects with a Samoan drop.

Rusev goes for a pin and Kofi kicks out. Rusev tries to keep the offense up, but Kofi hits the SOS for a near pin fall. Kofi kicks Rusev in the chest twice. He goes for a third kick, but Rusev dodges and hits a running body block against the ropes. Rusev tries to lock in the camel clutch, but Kofi slips between his legs. Kofi hits a flying clothesline. He connects with the Boom Drop. Kofi signals for Trouble in Paradise. Lana gets up on the apron and yells at Kofi. Rusev charges Kofi off the distraction, but Kofi moves and hits Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

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