TNA Genesis Results: Huge Match Announced, New Champion Crowned And More

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Genesis opens with Taz and Tenay talking from the booth. They say that tonight's episode being dedicated to Mae Young. Taz has some nice things to say about Young and then we go to a recap of Dixie Carter and Magnus taking control of TNA. We see Magnus retaining his championship against AJ Styles from last week.

We go to a live shot of the crowd and Spud is in the ring. He tries to introduce himself but the boos are too loud. He asks if he can have some decorum. He says that tonight is going to be the biggest night in all of pro wrestling. He says this is special because nothing big happens in Huntsville. He says that he is introducing the woman who promised to deliver a world champion to TNA, and she did, Madame Dixie Carter.

Dixie comes down and says that they have all seen what it is like when you cross the boss. First Jeff Hardy, now AJ Styles, who is next? She says that if someone is game to challenge her, she is ready to play. She says that she warned AJ not to mess with her, that she is the owner of her company, and every single time he tried to go above the law, no matter how many times she asked him nicely, he just couldn't do it. The redneck in him had to rear its ugly head and disrespect her? And where did that get him? Back to the beginning of his career. And tonight is a new chapter for the company.

She says tonight is about an individual who has earned the respect and honor of everybody, and this man represents every thing about her company. He is the Undisputed champion of her company, and he is Magnus. Magnus comes down with both title belts. He says that this is their champion speaking on a historic night here in Huntsville, a night when they can finally say that we have left petty buisness in the rear view mirror. Out with the old and in with the new, the reign of Magnus. He says that he is wearing two belts, because one is for him and one is for Dixie. He says that all of this is because of her, and that she is a champion to everyone in the industry, and all the fans. He presents the title to her.

Dixie says she is almost at a loss for words, and she says that she is deserving of this honor, and that he is the real world champion. She says that now they have to bring out some people who showed tremendous loyalty to this company. All the heels who interfered last week come out to the ring. Dixie says that all of them went above and beyond the call of duty last week, especially Bobby Roode. She says that she is so proud of all of them, and they are going to benefit greatly, as they will see in their next paycheck.

She says that tonight is the Genesis of a new TNA, a Dixie Carter TNA, but for that to happen, they all need to stand tall as a company, united as one. This is their first chance to have that in TNA. She says to have that, her nephew has to take out the one man left standing, the Icon Sting. She introduces EC3 to the ring and he comes down.

Ethan Carter III comes down and kisses Dixie. He is about to speak but the lights go out and Sting's music plays. Sting is shown in the stands away from the ring with a baseball bat in his hands and we go to commercial.

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