TNA Genesis Results: Huge Match Announced, New Champion Crowned And More

We come back and Sting hasn't gotten any closer to the ring. He mockingly asks if this is the future? He says there are a bunch of people in the back that couldn't be bought, because they had honor. He says that it is really bad when you mess with the wrestlers, but when you mess with wrestlers families, you crossed the line. Now she has that paper champion next to her. They took him into MEM, because they believed in him. But they had no idea that he would sell them out like that. He says that this is not a house united, it is a house divided, and a house divided can't stand. He says that before this all comes toppiling down, WE are going to fight tonight.

Dixie asks who is we, as she only sees him. He says that she needs to take a look around this building, and we are going to fight and take back what is ours. A bunch of faces come down the ramp and brawl with the heels. The faces clear the ring and Sting enters it. EC3 is left standing and Sting threatens him with the bat and he hits EC3 in the gut with the bat and then we suddenly cut to ads.

We come back and the faces have cleared the ring. Joe screams something into the mic and says that tonight they came here into getting into a fight, and they are not leaving until they get into one. Spud drags Brian Hebner out and says that he should be careful what they wish for. They are going to have a 12 man tag match right now. Everyone starts brawling everywhere and Ion and Joe get in the ring.

Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Joseph Park, Gunner, James Storm and ODB vs Lei'd Tapa, Bad Influence, and The Bromans

Joe knocks Ion down with a big shoulder tackle and lights him up in the corner. He whips him into the buckle and dodges a cross body. Joe hits a lateral senton and then an enzughiri. Tapa nad ODB get in the the ring and trade blows. ODB knocks Tapa to the outside and Storm and Daniels go at it. Storm hits a lariat and then a hip toss. He clotheslines Daniels out to the outside, but Kaz hits a dropkick on STorm. Gunner comes in and press slams him to the outside. Robbie E and EY come in and EY hits a flying forearm smash, but Jesse hits him.

Joesph Park comes in and him and EY clean house. Park hits a big splash and EY goes to the top, but Robbie pushes him off and the BroMans hit a double flapjack on EY. Ion hits a springboard moonsault on Park. ODB comes in and hits a fallaway slam on Ion and then Tapa comes in and just runs over ODB.

EY is back in with Daniels and Daniels hits a heel kick for a two count. He locks in a rear chinlock and EY gets up and elbows his way out. They trade blows and Daniels dumps him in the corner. EY dodges a splash and hits a belly to belly suplex. EY makes the tag to Joe and Joe comes in and hits two clotheslines and an inverted atomic drop and then a boot/senton combo. Kaz comes in and eats a snap powerlsam. Joe then hits a suicide dive onto the BroMans.

Park is in the ring and Kaz hits a dropkick to the face. Park starts bleeding from his mouth and PArk stars cleaning house. He hits a chokeslam on Daniels and the black hole slam on Kaz. Storm and Gunner come in, but Abyss clotheslines both of them. Joe comes in and hits a uranage slam on Daniels and then locks in the rear naked choke and Daniels taps.

Winners: Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Joseph Park, Gunner, James Storm and ODB

Velvet Sky is in the back talking to Aries asking what she should do. Aries says he has her and leaves. Sabin comes in and asks what is going on, but Sky says she doesn't want to talk about. Sabin says we are going to talk about it, right now in front of everyone

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